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The Nation State of Kelibyr

Kelibyr has snow, ice, and freezing temperatures in abundance. The sun never rises far above the horizon even at the height of summer - and the height of summer is a fleeting thing. Winter here is long and ruthless. The towering, snow-capped peaks of the Ironback Mountains loom all around. Within the convines of the mountain range, across Kelibyr, lie windswept tundra dotted with settlements and the occasional small forest or stand of trees.   A singular mountain called Ironback Peak rises from the heart of Kelibyr. During the summer, snow from Ironback Peak flows into three mineral-rich lakes: A, B, and Redwaters. By midsummer, Kelibyr shakes off the torpor of winter and comes forth in full flower. Grasses grow two or three feet high in the span of weeks. Birds flock to the marshes formed by the thawing soil, and reindeer calves fill out the herds that diminished in the winter.   Barbarians follow the reindeer herds as they migrate across Kelibyr, and duergar miners haunt the caves and tunnels under Ironback Peak, rarely emerging except to trade ore for food. Most of Kelibyr's inhabitants, however, live in ten permanent settle­ments collectively known as Ten-Towns:   • The walled town of Skorreholm, which lies at the end of the Gravestone Pass, is the first stop for most visiting merchants and traders and by far the largest of the ten communities.   • The hunting and fishing villages of Bewic, Molfir, Torraga, and Lonelywood line the shores of A, which feeds into the Z River and holds seemingly countless numbers of knucklehead trout.   • The villages of Feltra and Good Mead stand a few miles apart on the north shore of Redwaters which, contrary to its name, sparkles emerald green during the day and silver in the evening.   • The town of Easthaven and, nestled among the foothills of Ironback Peak, the villages of Heribyr and Daburh hug the shores of B, which freezes in winter.   The population of Ten-Towns is composed mostly of orcs, beastmen, and harpies (with minorities of dopplers, minotaurs, and others). In times of great peril, the leaders of Ten-Towns, known as town speakers, meet at Skorreholm to discuss solutions to their problems. If one of the smaller settlements comes under attack by a threat too great to overcome, its inhabitants are trained to retreat to Skorreholm and take shelter behind its walls.

Included Locations
Gravestone Pass
Vordrorn Forest

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