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The Stones of Rule

In the early days of Woburgh-Vlesa, the mortals partnered with the Immortals to build a city of unfounded opportunity and life within this untamed stretch of Geode-Errets. To embody the pacts these two parties made with each other, the Immortals gifted the Stones of Rule to the leading figureheads of growing settlement. As time went on, these Stones became the means by which the mantle of leadership passed from one generation to another. As such, the leadership offices themselves became known as the Stones of Rule.   The physical Stones themselves have taken on the form of various precious and semi-precious stones, gems and other materials reflective of the bounty of the earth. They also are imbued with magical power allowing the wielder (typically the one in office) to better exercise and handle their role in Woburgh-Vlesa life.
Item type
Unique Artifact

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