Lycanthrope Type A

Many diseases mutate into stable variants. Upon the planet of Genetic, even magical diseases can mutate. There are variations within the type, but it is classified by vector of infection.   Lycanthrope Type A is one of three lycanthrope diseases. It's 'infection' vector is genetic, meaning it is passed down a family bloodline. This particular disease attaches itself to the female chromosome of a species. For a male to become a were-animal, his mother must be a carrier for the disease. In order for a female to become a were-animal, her mother my be a carrier and her father must be a were-animal.   The most common form of were-animal is the werewolf, though there are others depending on the bloodline. If two different were-animal genes interact, the younger gene's animal will be the one expressed.

Transmission & Vectors

Lycanthrope Type A is originally a magical illness that is passed down through genes.


Lycanthrope Type A activates upon a 28 day cycle. There are a variety of triggers, ranging from a full moon to consuming pain killers at the end of the cycle.


Symptoms begin when a person with this genetic illness enters the 21st day of their 28 day cycle.   During the last week of the cycle, there is an intense itching sensation all over the body. Next there is pain around the mouth, ankles and ears.    If the person interacts with their trigger during this week, the transformation begins. Hair, feathers, or scales begins to grow and the body begins to break and grow. Once the transformation is complete, the person is stuck this way for at least a cycle. The older the person is, the more cycles they will remain transformed.   If they do not interact with their trigger, the symptoms slowly subside by the 28th day of their cycle.


A person usually must seek out a potion to cure the mutation, though it doesn't always work, or have a series of obstructions ready for after the transformation.

Affected Groups

Most of the obviously affected groups are males of any species that has sexual reproduction.

Hosts & Carriers

Many women on Genetic, especially in the town of Refuge, are carriers of Lycanthrope Type A.


A person can keep themselves away from triggers.


Lycanthrope Type A spreads rapidly only when there is an orgy of some kind.
Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species


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