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Finally, after years of pent up frustration, fully write out, and publish the battle against YawaY Syndicate that my characters have been waging for years. With this comes a five year campaign of investigations, corruption, human trafficking, and other domestic terror issues that our nation is battling right now.   There is no sugar coating the human depravity, hiding the hate or fear, or even glamorizing the conflicts and police action needed to bring down an organization this large. My team of leading ladies, supporting men and their cohorts are ready to stand against anything that is thrown at them. From moments of strength, to moments of weakness, these characters are ready to let you into their world and their hearts.   From the fictional presidential couple to the lowest ranking security guy, the journey is just beginning. With the first installment of the series, Alteration, you will be introduced to just one of the aspects of depravity that YawaY is willing to undergo in order to achieve their goals.

God Walkers ( 2 )