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(Just building a world for myself, using diferent inspirations, not trying to copy something, just using what comes to mind, also English is not my first language so grammar errors and some words missuse can be present)   In Gelathur humans have slowly become the dominant species, while other species, ennathians mainly, are also in a good postion, but the humans have the upperhand. Magic in Gelathur in common, but there are those who cant use it in almost in entirety, called nullers, those who can use some of it users, and mages who can use it to the fullest extent. Magic emanates from the planet itself and from every living being, and it's commonly refered as natural magic or mana, while the magic that the living posses and can use it's just refered as mana.   In the current age, humans are in a well cemented position, The Empire has a only human population, the Three kingdoms have humans with ennathian slaves, and the City states range from humans and ennathian slaves, and ennathians with some freedom. The Republic is the only human realm to consider ennathians as equals. There are continuous conflicts between humans and ennathians, and the Theocracy is one of the more warmongers of them all, wanting to exterminate all ennathians.   While all this figthing is going on, Something is happening in the north, only the nolharians have noticed at the moment, the natural magic in the north past the nolharian borders has dissapeared almost completly, and slowly the magicat the borders of the nolharians is starting to also disspear slowly advancing south.   (Is an age of fantasy set in pseudo medieval era, although more primitive ways of living are still present.)   (Things are subject to change)