The Desert of Glass Angels

There are few stories of Eidos unchecked. Mostly tales of caution said to make sure children behave with their Eidos, and to make doubly sure that people don't allow some aspirant King Qolemon to rise and hurt themselves or others.   The Desert of Glass Angels, has no such story.   We can only assume that this vast expanse of boiled sand and melted statues in the form of men and women was caused by some great cataclysm. One brought on by many ashdancers, or one of absolutely mythic power. That is only an assumption, however.   Some ruins have been found amongst the swirling glass, encased and preserved for these long millennia. It has made it rather impossible to study, in fact. Even if it wasn't in a see-through tomb, there are no resources that can be accessed in the area. No water, no animals, and no plant life.   I have never had the pleasure, or rather displeasure, of traversing this expanse of glass and sand. The heat and grit does not agree with my person and never has. I have only ever sailed by it on two occasions. Despite a rather serious case of seas sickness plaguing me on both occasions, the seas around it are rather rough, I must admit that the image the crystalline oceanfront summons up is something special.   I'm rather taken with the art of painting, a well-done landscape being something I particularly enjoy, and to my luck a traveling companion I had at the time was quite the painter. Imagined herself quite the warrior poet, and she certainly fit the part. Her work adorns several rooms of my house, and this one, in particular, is a centerpiece in my drawing room. A painting just for me, as it were.   Though, I must say, looking at it now as I write this I can't help but feel like I'm noticing something for the first time. The waves of glass that travel across the whole continent almost look like tracks.   They're irregular, but still have a pattern to them. Like something passed through and around the mounds of melting glass while they were red hot and cooling.   Like a snake curling it's way through honey.
Alternative Name(s)
Khandar al Hazen

Cover image: by Granger


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9 Aug, 2022 20:16

This is such a vivid description of this place and very poetic use of language.