Geistervelt A spiritual world colliding with it's own future

S.A La Blanc
Two recruiting sergeants told me that the easiest way to see the world was to join a band of mercenaries. They're always on the move, after all. Never really tied down to one spot. Being run out of town more often than not, I'd come to find out, and who could use a more concrete sign to move on.   They were right, surprisingly. Probably one of the only true things they told me.   While I shivered in the rain and snow, I saw more Sprites than I ever imagined existed in this world, all with their own little quirks and personalities. Even as I write this, I must assure Sabuesomare, that she is still the most unique of them all. Perhaps the most insistent. While I starved during sieges, I saw some of the most beautiful countryside's on every continent. While we marched, I found friends and lovers from coast to coast and across the seas.   And I most certainly saw the Homuerto.   Those devils, clad in white and smiling like a mother seeing her children in the town choir. Even now, years since I last held pike and shot against them, I see it in my dreams. Poisoning every thought.   They're the reason I write this, after all.   I hope to excise the nightmare with my writing, and codify my own history in the same act.   For I know, as well as we all do, that there will come a time when the next Misery will begin.