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Meaning of World Name:(Geb is earth's deity, bilādī is my homeland)
There are those of Egyptian and Asian descent; who were the first finders of the world abandoning what is considered the historical Earth to come to this world. All was at peace until Ireland and England made a joint alliance and forcibly took control of this once peaceful land.
Ireland Englanders tried to take control over the whole land but they were barred by an invisible border which they couldn't pass no matter how hard they tried.
This border split Gebilādī into two sections, Astra,(Egyptian Asian side) and Iriglande,(English and Irish side.)
Magic was found by the Egyptian Asians and was a highly kept secret. Unfortunately a bribed citizen let loose about the magic deal and the Irish Englanders began to greedily search for it, coming together to create a group called the Honourable Court of Magic Banishment yet the Egyptians knew that this was not their true cause, even if they didn't know what the true cause was. A sacred tribal elder of the Astraian people, passed through the barrier(being able to do so because he was the one who made the spirit contract.)Abruptly, the elder who was said to be the link to magic, died during the process, severing the Egyptian Asians natural magical link with his sacrifice.
After that, the court began taking only taking children where magic was said to have been the strongest in when it existed in every Egyptian Asians blood. What they didn't know was that the court was looking for the magic child who is told of in Egyptian lore, prophesied to be special by the two sprits of magic, to totally destroy and to turn evil and use against other worlds until they ruled everything. These were dark days indeed.