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The Esi

The culture and people who live in the Finndal glacial islands.   There was no Esi country, nor was there ever any Esi towns larger than 2,000 people. Esi towns where usually small and community-focused, due to the harsh nature of the glacial islands.    The Esi people where the victims of the greatest tragedy of the conquests done by Conquertia


Culture and cultural heritage

The Esi believe in two goddesses, lovers, of the night and day. The night, was the mother of the Esi people, having created them from her own bones, and The day, was the creator, who built the world for them to live on. These two goddesses had created a cycle, a time of permanent night, a time of permanent day, and a time of harmony.   It is believed that the Spirit crystal below the ice is the spirits of their ancestors. Crystalized below the ice and giving them light even during the mother's night.

Shared customary codes and values

The idea of using Spirit crystal as nothing more than an important resource is considered wholly alien to the Esi. They do use spirit crystal technology, but believe it must be given a form a reverence, and heavy mining of the substance is esentially forbidden.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

    The "mothers night" as the Esi called the time of permanent night was a time of celebration, the Chanellers of a village would infuse Spirit crystal with large amounts of mana, making them glow bright throughout the whole night. This was accompanied by one large feast that occurred in the middle of the season. During this feast the stories of the mother's sacrifice and the people's sacrifice are told.
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