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Gears and Ghosts world

two major continents and about a dozen smaller islands scatter the globe, connected by boats and long running train systems, this world is a fantasy-steampunk set in a dubious time period similar to pre-world war 1.   The continent of Finndal is freezing cold in the north, covered in ice floes and snowfields, and the central region covered in temperate pine forests and plains, while the southern area is filled with mixed temperate forests. The southern and western coasts are rocky and cliff covered. Finndal's terrible history is not only recent, but still haunting it's current residents. The nation of Lundas' powergrabs have left bleeding scars over the continent.   The more southern nation of Sawari is covered in temperate rainforests, and in the more southern regions, tropical rainforests. near the southwest of the region mountains shade the region, and past them, a small desert has formed. Sawari is populated by dozens of small city states and nations representing different ethnic groups. The biggest of these nations is the Dori people.   (most of these names are placeholders)

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