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Some centuries ago, some mage wars, known as the Fire Wars, created many gates from other planes.   By them, a flood of demons, devils, and other foul creatures came to Gaya, altering its shape and its history forever.   Tore apart by the wars, the old Empire of Dragons was unable to make a real defence against the demons and lost many of its territories until the Emperor, Dagobert IX, made an uneasy truce with them.   But a glimpse of hope arose in the newly founded Drótnar Kingdom: the predication of The Master, He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken.   By showing the power of the Divine Principle, the Drótnar armies defeated those of the demons and stopped their invasion.   Now, the power of the Divine Principle always reincarnates itself in the Lochia, a series of young girls, each one at time representing the Divine Principle on Gaya, keeping at bay the demons.

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