Goldtail Dwarf Wyvern

A very rare and elusive mutation of Dwarf Wyvern, which is considered a very useful (not to mention expensive and prestigious) pet, sometimes encountered in the hands of grand emperors (there is always someone that will gift it to him to earn favour), archmagicians and other important personas.   When noticed in the wild, it always becomes a target of relentless hunts. They cannot be bred in the captivity (since, as a mutation, their descendants are simple Dwarf Wyvern), so they have to be captured. While not dangerous, they are good at evading attacks and hiding, making the hunt a rather difficult thing to achieve.

Basic Information


Small, up to 0,5 meter, wyvern. Meaning a flying reptile covered in scales, with a long tail and two pairs of limbs (legs and wings). They can be differentiated from normal dwarf wyvern by a golden 'line' that marks their spine, going from their heads to the end of the tail (makes majority of it, hence the name).   It is actually not as much a change of colour as a completely different type of scales, unique, flexible and surprisingly tough, protecting its spine. They are sometimes extracted to use for crafting after they die.

Additional Information


Used as extraordinary hunting 'birds', to deliver most important letters, and simply as a very expensive pet.

Average Intelligence

Sentient, perhaps even 'slightly' sapient. They seem varied at that matter. Properly trained (in a way that makes use of their intelligence) they can achieve feats that no normal Dwarf Wyvern could.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Seem to be able to detect magic in a rather supernatural way. It actually prefers to target small beasts that it can detect viaits magic sense.


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