Boretus Karhimeni

Boretus Karhimeni (karhimeni being High Imperial for azurefooted) is a type of edible mushroom of the boretus family according to imperial taxonomy, which common denomination is having tubes and pores beneath their caps. They are considered edible when cooked, while can cause gastric upset (including: diarhea, vomits, stomach aches etc.) when eaten raw.   They are considered an aetherwarped variant of boretus varimeni (Redfooted Boretus) due to their very similar looks and requiring cooking to be edible. Besides the change in coloration the boretus karhimeni is also capable of storing free aether from the environment (simply by 'filtering' it from the air around it).

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

They live in symbiosis with several types of trees. They especially prefer Silver Spruce and Jewel Oak, but can also be encountered under spruces, lime trees, firs, and hornbeams. It requires magic-tainted environment to grow. Seeing it is a sure sign of area magically charged.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Boretus karhimeni mushroom is considered an alchemical ingredient. It is filled with magic so it can be used to replenish lost mana. What's more, it can be used more directly as a mean of extracting aether - for example in cases of irradiation - by putting sliced parts of it on body parts that underwent it, and letting it lie there for a while. The blue colour of it tends to get more blue, as the mushroom draws the magic out. It still has to be freshly cut, and it isn't the best of such ingredients in the world, but it is easily accessible by local herbalists.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

It is encountered mostly to the north from Iron Mountains, pretty much everywhere in Northern and Eastern Karathia.

Scientific Name
Boretus Karhimeni


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