The windy westlands of Rylaren

Zephyrus is found on the northwestern coast of Rylaren, south of the Glaciaeris and the Icratus mountains, and west of the Vanras Sea. It also borders the Chiontoch mountains, where the majority of its inhabitants dwell. It is a rich and fertile land that is mostly untouched by any existing civilization and claimed by the Caelumani, or sky elves. It is sparsely covered with hills and woodlands, with a heavily dense forest to the north known as the Silvaboreas. The ancient stone road, The Runawyrm, passes through its middle, north to Glaciaeris and south to Vartha. A deep fissure divides Zephyrus, Vartha, and Vahryn to the east. The same fissure divides the Chiontoch mountains and the Ashkremos mountains.

One of the remaining cities on the map other than Caelumarcis was Arventus to its south, where a small secluded valley for farming and the raising of gryphus who favor the area. The druids here claim this has been a preferred nesting ground for them for quite some time and is believed to be where the winged elves and gryphus first met. The Vigilate to the southwest of Caelumarcis stood on the hillside, a large watchtower at the top of the hill. It could be seen far to the north, almost to the edges of Zephyrus. The Vigilate was the headquarters of the Vigilate and the most important defensive structure for all the winged elves. Across the mountains to the northeast was Oblituris, the watchtower overlooking the Vanras Sea, and a signal tower to those living in the remote regions of Vahryn. It was the primary location of the Gryphus Lancers.

Further Northeast was the ruins of Stelladomus, which was raided by giants. It was the largest city outside the capital, and its fall was very sudden, with little chance for retaliation.

To the Northwest was Aermarino, a ruin of an old empire that was forgotten even to the Caelumarcis. They believed to have been even before the Cythans and had established much over the entire continent as their ruins are littered all over. It is an ancient port city now a desolate ruin of rubble and stone with a river running through the middle of it.


A hilly woodland area surrounded by mountains, with the Riftmist ocean to its east.

Fauna & Flora


Natural Resources

Wood from oak and pine

Alternative Name(s)
The Windlands
Owning Organization
Caelumarcis Consilium
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