"The Vigilate is the first line of defense, guarding the borderlands of Zephyrus to our west, and Vahryn to the east. It is no easy task, and we suffer more losses than the other orders. But those of us that live will continue to serve, and teach those that come next the sacrifices of those before them." -Elyithon

Even from here she could see the tall tower that the Vigilate operates out of. It was only accessible near the top by the Caelumani and Gryphus riders. And on its high ground nearly touching the clouds, it was a watchtower capable of seeing the majority of Zephyrus to the north, and south into the ruined lands of Vartha.

While flying she saw the great trees and grove of Arventus to the east, where the druids of the realm are gathered. Here they provide provisions for the rest of Zephyrus, as well as raise and train Gryphus and their riders. They also passed over the serene waters of Caritaquae, before finally reaching the training grounds at the base of the Vigilate spire, on top of a grand hill and large open field, where she could still see much of Zephyrus, unlike in the mountains that surround Caelumarcis.

  • From Chapter Two of The Nesethal Familia, Part One

  • The Vigilate is a large spire and watchtower of the Caelumani in southern Zephyrus that is only accessible by the winged elves and other flying creatures such as the Gryphus Riders of Oblituris. It is the headquarters of the Vigil, and most important defensive structure for all the winged elves, capable of seeing the majority of Zephyrus to the north, and south into Vartha. Using special beacons they are capable of sending messages of warning across Zephyrus to Arventus and Caelumarcis and sites belonging to the Vigil around Zephyrus.

    From here the Vigilate are capable of responding to threats immediately after seeing them through their spyglasses, as they are the watchers of the borderlands and first line of defense for the Caelumani. If the threat is too great they can signal to Caelumarcis to send in the Aerlanciarii, or the air lancers are the Gryphus riding cavalry that bombard their enemies from the air with javelins before charging in, as well as the Palatinus, holy champions of the Caelumani who deal with the greatest threats.

    Purpose / Function

    To keep a look out for the safety of the Caelumani, to defend the people of Zephyrus.

    Alternative Names
    The Vigil Tower, The Vigil's Eye
    Parent Location
    Owning Organization
    Caelumani Vigilate


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