The Remnor Atrocities

In Dalhavne's city of Remnor it is believed that certain individuals from a secret organization gathered from Sylva Ventus and Trimtol, and in some stories, this meeting included nobles from the Vontez Prominence.   They gathered to plan the rise of a new empire, one that would rival the Altus Concilium and bring order to this chaotic world. From sabotaging trade, disrupting the economy, political favors to rise members to power, and to bribe or assassinate rivals. They discussed at length the best and stealthiest way to topple the existing factions and kingdoms, as well as the actions to rise as a new power afterward.   To demonstrate their abilities and test their member's resolve, they started in Remnor, a neutral trade city between the Averani wildlands, Trimtol mountains, and Firthwood forest. It competed with their interests in the city of Berand to the west, on the other side of the Ulfaerr, or Wolf Pass. Over time they slowly disrupted trade by bribing, eliminating, or replacing certain individuals that transported valuable resources through the city. They hired highwaymen to intercept incoming caravans to redistribute the resources and merchandise to their own benefit and once in control of the supply and demand, they limited the supplies and increased the prices to maximize their profits.   The then quickly turned to corrupt the city watch and the court to align with their interests, creating ridiculous charges for those that stood in their way, and letting slide individuals of their order with minimal fines and penalties.   As the people rallied and cried from the injustice they were facing, the city was swept with a horrifying wave of slaughter. Every person affiliated with this order perished in a single night, their corpses on display all across the city. No one knows of those responsible for the slaughter, but following these events, peace was briefly restored to the city. Within a year however, war broke out between the elvani and the dwarves, and many suspect it started with those scheming in Remnor that were not present that deadly night.


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