The Forgotten Temple of Magnaportus

On the shores of the region of Vartha, of the continent of Rylaren, there were the ruins of Magnaportus. This great port city once belonged to the Altus Concilium, before falling to the control of the Cythan Empire, and later razed by the Ohinark hordes. Within this ruins exists a forgotten temple, to a power long forgotten. It featured the symbol of a tower shield emblazoned with an outstretched palm.   When the kingdom of Davion, also known as the Northlands in Ethrania, found a safe route through the Riftmists, they secured the ruins as a staging ground for this colonization of the lands forgotten to them. It wasn't easily kept, however, as those once belonging to the Ohinark hordes came to raid once more as activity began in the ruins they once set ablaze, and drakes terrorized the region until the watchtowers of old surrounding the city's horizon were restored to keep them at bay.   As the region of Vartha became known as Levadain, the city became known as Sunset, a nod to the large Davion port city of Sunrise to the west. As the city grew, so did its slums of those that came looking for a new start and promises opportunities, and found it extremely difficult. The ruins of a forgotten temple were repurposed to be a shelter for the down-trodden of the bustling port city, by those seeking to help those in need. Those that came here felt at peace or were blessed with rekindled hope, though no one could answer how or why.   Although the front of the temple lies in rubble, most of the chambers along its other walls are in relatively good shape, some of them reinforced and repaired by those that have been sheltered here.   Within people like Anghela Valere and Maevelle come here to serve, help clothe, and feed the sick and homeless, and whatever provisions they can provide, when not working at the Vulgar Raven tavern nearby. Others from the community also generously donate whenever they are able.


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