Ohinark Orcus

Most Orcs or Tuskmen in Rylaren are feral and savage dwelling in caves or lairs underground. The Orcs of the Ohinark horde however are more tribal and shamanistic. They typically dwell in the lands of Celani, Dencaedan, and Thrysk in eastern Rylaren.   Formed by a warrior named Ohinar who smote a great feltree and made its stump his throne. The evil willow like tree would lure prey in with illusions and trickery before poisoning them and slowly devour their carcass. The evil tree's defeat became a symbol of his clan's power, and the clan used its image as their symbol, a giant dead tree with a monstrous fist upon it.   In the past age, many of the barbaric tribes of monsters rallied under the orc's banner of the "Ohinark", a horde united that toppled nations. They faltered from their own successful campaign of pillaging and razing, with petty infighting, greed, and at its very end, betrayal by someone seeking to rule the gathered tribes themselves. The once allied Ohinark Horde broke up, as they started fighting one another. Treasures and relics of that forgotten age lie scattered in the ruins of their war.   In the past they've had an uneasy alliance with Goblins, Trolls from Umbranemus, and lizardkin from the Lacertus Imperium.   Currently only the orcs have an alliance together under the old banner, this has allowed them to help one another through trade and training. Ever so often "friendly" challenges are submitted to each other and a equal number of warriors will battle each other in a site of the challenger's choosing and they will bludgeon each other to unconsciousness with clubs. This also helps cull off the weak of the tribes, as death sometimes occurs.

Naming Traditions

Masculine names

Agarok, Granok, Harok, Korgak, Mergac, Ohinar, Raegnak

Family names

Hardstones, Rockskins, Warbloods, Cragkin, Stoneskulls, Battlebones, Thunderclubs, Pitboulders, Proudbloods, Blackfists


Beauty Ideals

Orcs appreciate great strength and prowess in combat.


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