The Gateways are one of the most significant arcane technologies every developed in the time of the Zeranian Empire, when the royal dragons benevolently ruled the known worlds with direct guidance from the Divine Patheon.   These Gateways were shaped like archways against a solid wall, having the surface of a mirror, except you would not see your reflection, but the destination beyond. An energy field of resistance shields the entrance, to keep certain elements from the other side from passing though such as cold, heat, various gases, and moisture. One could still easily walk through the field, stepping into the portal and emerging on the other side within moments. Few experience anything unusual but a brief rush of adrenaline, confusion, or nausea.   Major gateways were constructed on almost every important leyline, allowing for near-instantaneous travel between the two activated points, even between the moonworld and the homeworld. Some theorized it was possible to jump to distant worlds, but such power was deemed very dangerous. The ability to activate these gateways were limited to chosen Gatekeepers to preserve and safeguard these portals from falling into the wrong hands.   Minor gateways were also constructed, but they only allowed passage between two specific points, the range of them fairly limited.   Most of these Gateways have been lost to the passage of time or destroyed. Those that remain are secluded and kept secret and safe, to be studied until they can be used properly once more.


Gatekeepers activate the major gates allowing safe passage and near-instantaneous teleportation between various active gateways. These secrets were closely guarded, to avoid the evils of the Void from being able to breach important areas. If not properly configured, Gateways can become overcharged, and cause unforeseen consequences such as a wild arcane detonation that can sunder the surrounding landscape.

Access & Availability
Gateway were constructed on most of the major leylines in the homeworld of Dalias, and the moonwork of Dyriak. The secrets to use them were only available to a chosen Gatekeeper, but it is suspected there are other means to activate and travel these gates.
Since the time of Zeran, no arcanist has been able to activate or construct a major gate. Minor gates that only allow travel between two gateways, however, have been achieved, although significant power is still required.


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