Elemental Blades

When the homeworld of Dalias wasn't locked in its dark stonelike stasis, the royal dragons of Zeran once crafted magnificent weapons and armor for their world-renown champions. The greatest of these was the exceptionally rare and powerful Elemental Blades. How many were made is unknown, but at least seven were believed to have to exist and imbued with the power of the elements, light, shadow, and arcane magic.   The greatest of their champions having mastery over these specific elements were believed to have sacrificed themselves to become and empower these sentient weapons to be wielded and to guide new champions that they would become bonded with.   For what purpose these weapons have been shrouded in mystery. Though many believe they were blessed and chosen to carry out the will of the Divine Pantheon. The dwarves claim to have been the ones to have crafted these mighty weapons in the forges of the great dragon's flame, the elves also claiming to be the ones to have enchanted them with power and imbuing them with the immortal souls of their champions.   Some claim the wielders of these blades came to Dyriak, and have traveled both lands of Ethrania and Rylaren. But questions remain of what powers and abilities these wielders might possess, and who their allegiance might be with as the time of the royal dragons of Zeran have passed, and for an age the Divine Pantheon slumbered. Are the weapons indestructible, possibly destroyed over time? And what would happen if they fell into the wrong hands?   Rumors today claim that the king, Markaine Davion of the Northlands carries one of these blades of power as well as Dakis Taskan of the Southlands and is why the two feud over who is the rightful ruler of Ethrania. A dark-haired, dark-eyed danaan, elf, or possibly an eldane gifted with magic and mastery over it has traveled the world carrying one as well. No proof of these wild rumors has ever been found and believed to have been the over-imaginative fantasies of an artificer or historian.


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