Diva Divinus \ The Divine Goddess, The Celestial Mother

Diva Divinus, The Divine Goddess, The Prime Divine, The Divine Mother, The Celestial Mother, Goddess of Light, Goddess of Order, Goddess of Healing, Godqueen Dalila

The prime divine, the mother goddess Dalila is given credit for the creation of the stars, and the angels. She along with the feylings who later became the elves known today, they defeated the oppressive rule of the titans and those they could not kill they locked them away forever. The Divine Mother is known to spend most of her time shining her own light towards the borders of the universe, to keep the evils of the Void at bay.   With combined energies from the Enlightened Hazarh, they created the first divine born, Morkel, and the powers of the Elementum, and the Fatenum, to assist in combating the ever present dangers of the Void, who feast upon all that she has created. At the same time they would protect the precious mortals that they were fighting for.   With the creation of the pantheon, a home world was created, the planet Dalias, and the moon world of Dyriak. On the planet of Dalias, the gods and their creations had sanctuary, and here they would take turns slumbering to restore their strength to push back the Nefandus.   When she learned of Azriel's betrayal and attack on Hazarh, she attempted to heal the damage that was inflicted. But the weapon that Elraud had crafted, stolen by Azriel, dealt too terrible of the blow to restore, all she could do was maintain his energy while he recovered. For his actions, Azriel was banished and placed in an armored prison, to await judgment until Hazarh recovered.   When the Divine Father did recover, he was a shadow of his former self, stricken with madness. Dalila had Elraud construct a vault that would hold him, until they could discover a way to restore his sanity.   Drained in an effort to keep Hazarh alive, and the impending assault of the Void at bay, Dalila turned over all responsibilities to Morkel, sending all of her Chosen to buy time as she slumbered. All other responsibilities fell to her chosen, the angel Ahaliah, who single handily defeated the Lord of Fire, Azriel, after his betrayal.   Even though the Mother Goddess sleeps, she is still known to answer the prayers of her priests and followers. She favors those who are honest, fair, and respectful of all of the Pantheon's creations. Those with leadership, judges, knights, nobles, kings and queens often pray for the Mother Goddess's wisdom and guidance when the sun is at its highest for her favor.   Her temples are often open or clear windowed to bring in the sun's natural light, and decorated with reflective surfaces, most commonly silver. Temples and shrines exist throughout both the Ethrania and Rylaren. Great cathedral works have been made in both the Southern Highlands of Tirard, and in Cytherea, and a grand hall is devoted to the Mother Goddess in the Vontez Citadel.

Divine Domains

Light, Order, Healing

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Angels, Doves

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Defeated the Titans
  • Has fought and held back the demonic Nefandus of the Void in numerous battles.


Divine Classification
Lawful Good
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Answered the prayers of the feyling, prophesied to lead them to their freedom from the Titans.
Biological Sex
Golden glowing iris, silver sclera
Golden light which fades to bright silver like flowing rays of light.
Skin Tone
Golden brown tan. Specs of bright silver light on her body, resembling a constellation.

Character Portrait image: Dalila Goddess of Light by Agregor


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