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Prepared for The Call of Cartography. I learned of the contest a bit late somehow, I originally was going to go with my more developed region of Zephyrus, but I had entered that into a previous contest. So I've featured a location for my slow going play by post Pathfinder 2E game that I am starting as of last week of this posting. Its still rough, but I thought it interesting enough to share at least.
Dalhavne, the Valley Lands that lies in the shadows of the Vontezic plateau to the north, and the Grarfrost mountains to the south. It is a very undeveloped region that should prosper being at the center of trade of three adjacent nations. The Averani elves to the northwest, the Trimtol dwarves to the south, and the Southlands state of Firthwood.   Dalhavne has no central seat of power, only a trade alliance between the western city of Remnor where both the dwarves and elves come to market, and the city of Berand to the east that trades with the Southland state of Firthwood and the halflings of Bryniog to the Southeast.   Tension is building between the two major cities of the region, Remnor and Berand, as the nobles of both side compete to form some sense of established rule in this uncivilized valley. Both have a fair claim to Dalhavne, with Remnor claiming a larger area and Berand having more profitable trade due to the rare minerals they collect, and close access to the center of trade in the continent.   Dalriak is a farming community stuck in the middle of the conflict of the nobles, but have done their best to remain neutral. They'd favor anyone who would put an end to the raiding of their convoys providing provisions however.   Vedrki was once a small harbor of the Altus Concilium, but now the ruins are partially washed away out to sea. Skommfell was once a prison for some of the most dangerous criminals of the old empire. Its solid stone doors and gates remain closed to everyone seeking a way inside.   Barbarians in the hills, feral drakes and wyverns from the frozen mountains, linnorm breeding grounds on the coast and in the swamps, and dangerous ruins haunted by the undead make exploration in this valley perilous. Many answer its call to adventure, and perish before they even reach their destination. Both the dwarves and the elves have their regions walled off to the valley, knowing very well the untamed threats that await beyond their realms.  
Dalhavne, the Valley Lands
Dyriak, The Moonworld
Created with Wonderdraft and a variety of different assets from Mythkeeper. WIP, last updated 03/18/2020


Dalhavne is a valley between the frozen Grarfrost Mountains to the south, and the great plateau and hills to the north.

Natural Resources

Western Dalhavne is a very fertile area perfect for farming, while the eastern pass of Ulfaerr is rich in minerals. During the winter the pass is treacherous and often landslides from the hills and mountain unearth previously undiscovered minerals or ruins of the old empire. Eastern Dalhavne a great source of lumber from the trees on the outskirts of Firthwood.
Alternative Name(s)
The Valley Lands
Included Locations

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