The Caelumani had to stand alone, undaunted, with none of their former allies to aid them as the surrounding kingdoms and empires of old had fallen silent to the Caelumani's blight.

  • From Chapter Two of The Nesethal Familia, Part One 

  •   The Caelumani, or sky elves of Rylaren, dwell in a range of mountains known as Chiontoch, but used to fly in the mountains of Ashkremos on the borders of their grounded allies, the Cythans. Their fall seem to be a cascading effect for the rest of the world, with the Caelumari losing touch with everyone else. The only trade that remained was between them and their arctic cousins to the north in various regions of Glaciaeris, but the frozen land was treacherous and a popular hunting ground for feral drakes and giants.
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