Diva Aeris Elementum\ Elemental Goddess of Air, The Lady of Storms

The Lady of Storms is known for her grace in song and dance, and her wise counsel. But for all her wisdom she shares a common trait with her brother Azriel, she is quick to anger, especially when personal freedom is threatened. She is the twin of Elraud the Stonelord. Concerning the war with the evils of the Void, the Lady of Storms, along with her brother Ceralt are unable to contribute much aid, so they do their best to assist the other Elementum, the Fatenum, and mortals in need. And in assisting Morkel, she hunts for rogue Enlightened who have converted to the cult of the Forgotten One. Asadela enjoys living free, and she is credited with the creation of all songbirds, to soar into the sky and sing. She however at times may be a bit selfish and rebellious when it comes to authority with their laws and regulations that hinder personal freedom. She favors those that enjoy life, and fight to protect the freedom all of creation deserves. Farmers, hunters, entertainers, and sailors often pray for her blessing and favor.

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