Aeranium Metal

Aeranium is a magical metal alloy created by the Altus Concilium, but since its fall the method of its creation has been lost. Known to be enchanted bronzium to prevent corrosion and greatly improve the durability of armor, weapons, tools, as well as currency. Ruins left after their fall are still being discovered around the known world containing these still prized and valued artifacts still greater than iron and crucible steel.   The Ordoalchimia is greatly interested in recovering the lost magic metallurgy arts, while the Concillium Scholaris seek to study and preserve the old empire's lost relics, some of which they have found to be further enchanted beyond its improved hardness. Mecenaries such as the Aeranium Order also are seekings of the precious material and the lost arts of council’s arms and armor smiths.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Like bronzium, it has low-friction properties, is a good conductor of heat and electricity, and has been known to have magnetic properties.


A magical bronze alloy of unknown composition. Most assume to be composed at least of copper and gold, as well as other materials but exact results have been inconclusive.

Geology & Geography

The material is not naturally found, but artificially made and enchanted. Typically found in areas the Altus Concillium is known to have existed in Ethrania and Rylaren.

Origin & Source

Created by the master smiths of the Altus Concilium.

Life & Expiration

Due to its magical properties, they do not easily deteriorate. Damaged items rarely survive the explosive release of its magical energy.

History & Usage


Damaged items can cause it to violently explode, destroying the item completely. Only occurs in extreme circumstances however as the items are incredibly durable.

Common State


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