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A moon-world divided during the past age, as empires have fallen and much has been forgotten. Divine powers and hope awaken once more as the nations restore itself, as arcane and primal powers that nearly destroyed the known world are repressed. Elves seclude themselves in the shelters of their realms, while dwarves burrow in the earth, and the Danaan flourish and prosper as they explore and settle the ruins of the old empire.
I've been working on a series of stories for both an RPG campaign and novel since I was six years old (so on and off for about twenty-eight years.) There have been many alterations and revisions and I'm happy to have an organized place to rework and expand upon my previous works and share with y'all a better vision. Still a lot to edit and think upon, sorry some articles are more fleshed out than others.   Everything is a work in progress!

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