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Silver devices with a faint purple glow. They utilize Thaumic Crystals to replicate Weaving .


Thaumic devices can be used for anything that Weaving can do. Often it even surpasses the limits of Weaving, as it can manipulate Aura faster, for longer, and create multiple effects at once. Still, most thaumic devices are single-purpose.


A thaumaturgical device has four components:   Casing - generally made of silver and supplemented with copper or brass, this holds the device together   Guiding tubes - made of glass coated with melted thaum, these tubes control the flow and intensity of magic to get the desired effect   Thaumic Crystals - the core of the device, this crystal captures and releases the flow of magic for use; some devices have multiple crystals   Power source - very little energy is needed to activate the crystal; many common devices simply use the heat of one's hands or the sunlight as a source, while larger devices may use gunpowder for a burst of energy
Silver and Thaumaturgy
Silver has always been known as a difficult metal to work with via weaving. Amongst all known metals it is the one most difficult to transmute into or create from others, and even manipulating it directly can prove a headache. This has led to the coining of the phrase "slippery as silver", used especially between thaumaturges.
While research into this property has been conducted, not much is known as to why silver is so difficult to work with. It has, however, come with a big positive. All thaumic devices are encased and include pure silver parts. This serves multiple purposes, such as protection from malfunctions or ease of directing the effect of the device.
Children Technologies
Access & Availability
Thaumic devices themselves are easy to come by, but heavily regulated. The use of any Thaumaturgy is strictly prohibited in the south past the city of @[Portas] without a direct permit from the @[Academy Council].
There are decades of research and work that have been put into perfecting Thaumaturgy. The use itself is simple enough - give the crystal a little energy and it activates, capturing and guiding the magical energy around itself. The use of this energy itself is much more complex, as it tries to replicate Weaving.
After the discovery of Aura-bending Thaumic Crystals, it wasn't long before simple machines replicating the art of Weaving were built. At first, these devices were mechanical arms that moved heated-up crystals in specific ways. Once it was discovered that the flow of Aura can be directed by using special tubing, research sped up rather quickly.
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