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The Sun staff

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Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Sun Staff is powered fully by the Sun Stone and keeps all it's magic in there in order to power it. As where the Sun Stone came from, no one really knows, but since I'm the creator of this world, I do.  The Sun stone comes from the Afterworld, a world that holds people's spirits when they die and is said to be the keeper of all the magic in the universe.


The Sun Staff was made by King Kushim, the first King and founder of the Light Kingdom. It's said that when the battle against Runihura was over, King Kushim morphed the Sun Stone into the Sun Staff. The Sun Staff has now been passed down throughout the different generations of Light Kingdom royalty. After the death of Queen Zora and the banishment of Diedamia the Sun Staff was placed into the protection of Edra in order to help protect not just Garda but now Earth. The Sun Staff is now in possession of Rachel, the reincarnation of Queen Zora.


The Sun Staff is EXTREAMLY important as it holds the Sun Stone, one of the creators of all of Garda's magic. The Sun Staff is responsible for helping in the creation of Gardaian civilization and half responsible for the banishment of Diedamia.
Item type
Creation Date
3600 BC
Current Holder
Owning Organization
There is only one Sun staff in the entire world and can't be made or repucated.
Base Price
It can't be bought by anyone, it's completely priceless.
Raw materials & Components
The Sun Staff seemed to had morphed itself in some sort of white magic stone that seems to slowly move, like solar rings. The Sun Stone connects itself to the rest of the staff through golden bars that twist around the stone for protection.

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