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The year of the engulfed

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Not much is known about the planet. Its a rock floating in the vast void of magic called the Dargesh. Travel to different continents of the world are difficult or impossible without an air ship and supplies to survive magical encounters. Its been only 30 years since the void's Wildmagic has seeped into the world. The original of the seep is unknown. Word is everyone one, who was close to where the rift was made was destroyed or turned into Folkborne. Since then large rifts of magic have torn the land asunder in even more places the planet was cracked and and it is said that even the sea spills over these rifts into the void.   Wildemagic itself seems to have sentience, however it doesn't speak only acts. The magic cleans to thoughts, and is the power that casters user to create their magic. Folkborne came to exist because of the wilde latching on to locals thoughts and tales and birthing the vary monsters, people and gods they once passed down through oral tradition. The Wildemagic makes it difficult to band together under a singular banner as the focused though of a group or toward a group can drastically affect them. If a person cannot become a catalyst for the wilde then they are subjected to horrific transformations and become one of the folkborne.   Because of this a hunters association has formed in various town, they hire members of guilds to hunt the more dangerous folkborne and to investigate the affects of the wilde. Their over all goal is to locate the origin of the rifts and seal it away. While guilds band together for a singular purpose, but work as individuals for the hunters associate to avoid further affects of the wilde to their entire group.

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The Purging Forrest

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The Wilde has finally affected the far lands. Merchants, and Cargo has gone missing in the fog covered forest east of town.