Head Chiropteran Librarian (current), Former Hammerhead Shark and Undead Pet Shark (self given) (She/her)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

I'm short and on the flumpy side but I don't mind! I love how I look and don't care what people think of my size.

Identifying Characteristics

I have 6 tattoos (4 on my left arm, 1 on my right arm and 1 on my right leg). I also have a couple of beauty spots on my face.

Special abilities

I had the ability to transform into a hammerhead shark but lost it when I resigned from being a hammerhead shark.

Apparel & Accessories

Typically can be found in floral pj’s and a hoodie. I wear a watch on my left wrist. No weapons as i’m a clumsy person so Kahuna didn’t entrust me with any. Though saying that he did bless me with razor teeth upon becoming a hammerhead shark.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

I washed up on House Tiki’s shores after being ship wrecked. I can't remember where I was travelling to though sadly. As I was being nursed back to health by Kahuna the Elder I grew to love Tiki Island so I decided to construct a hut for myself to live there.I didn’t partake in any training until Kahuna sent a message around the island saying the horde is amassing. The training I undertook was English classes to better improve my literomancy. I didn’t really take to it hence why my literomancy skills are lacking compared to others. I did however take to art classes. I had a fondness for assembling and painting little protective totems for the island. Upon noticing the vast amount of protective totems I was making per day Kahuna the Elder with the aid of some littromancy gave me the ability to morph into a Hammerhead shark to be his bodyguard, with consent of course! I took to swimming around the island protecting it from all undead dangers whilst continuing to make and paint protective totems. Upon House Tiki falling I was taken by the undead horde. Due to undead magic I was permanently stuck as a hammerhead shark. I was placed into a wonderfully constructed tank by Author Godess who liked the fact she had a pet shark. Whilst in my tank i turned my attention too other pursuits such as flik writing eventually penning the epic “You’ll Be Dead” for Author Goddess. In thanks for penning it she allowed me to star in it. I helped bring down house meles, mollusca, and several others. Sadly my efforts were in vain as the fluffy power of the bunnies and their allies was to much and they successfully got the iron tome.   Upon retrieving the iron tome the energy converted me back to a regular human. I turned into a hammerhead shark and hurried back to tiki island to be everyone else from House Tiki. Recently I have made the decision to leave House Tiki and resign from being a Hammerhead Shark so I can travel around to all the houses to bettering my literomantic skills. Since resigning from being a Hammerhead Shark I have lost my ability to transform into a shark. I have since found a new home with bats of House Chiroptera and have rose to the position of head librarian in the house.


I gradutated with a 2.1 degree in Photography from Tiki University and have used it to create my own photography business. Due to the zombie outbreak and becoming a Hammerhead I had to close my business.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes crafting little protective totems and painting them, reading any tomes i can get my hands on and watching films & tv shows.   Dislikes any form of metal music, crowded places and loud noises.

Vices & Personality flaws

my vice is to hide away when overwhelmed by noises though can you really call it a vice when I hide away to read.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Hammerhead, the bodyguards of Kahuna the Elder. This is kinda self given so not sure if it counts but Undead Pet Shark.
Date of Birth
7th February
Presented Sex
Gender Identity
Cisgender female
parted in middle and to my shoulders. dark brown with some highlights.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
fair skinned
Quotes & Catchphrases
shark bait hoo ha
— WriterLee November 2021 during the battle of Tiki Island
— Writerlee November 2021 during my time as a zombie.
Known Languages
I can speak and write English very well but I still feel like I have room to improve.

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
Character Portrait image: Writerlee as a Zombie by Writerlee


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