Tourney of Tales - April

Mar 31 2024 - Day 1248

James comes down the stairs to the lobby from having oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. As he comes down he sees Sable talking to someone he doesn’t recognise. Upon realising this James warms his demeanour and gets to the bottom of the stairs.   Sable : [Pleased] There you are James, this is Amelie.
Amelie : [French Accent]Pleased to meet you James.
  Amelie who is over 1.5 meters tall and has brown hair. James notices that she has two swords one on her back and one at her side. The untypical sword and dagger arrangement.   James : [Reserved]It is good to meet you too. It must be an honour to meet our House Head before I managed to. [James moves his right arm towards Sable implying she is the House Head].
James : Amelie, I can’t help but see you have two swords, why?
Amelie : Sabre for the undead, rapier for the people.
  James smiles almost holding back a laugh.   Sable : Since you’ve hit it off well, James, do you mind giving Amelie a tour of the Headquarters and lead her to this room when you are done? [Sable Hands a piece of paper to James]
James : Not at all, just be careful with that mace. It's not the war! [Sable Laughs]
Sable : We will have to be ready for the Tourney of Tales tomorrow!
  James led Amelie on the tour; afterwards, he unfolds the sheet of paper Sable gave him and saw 291 written on it. James smiles releasing that it is not that far from his original dorm. When he enlisted with House Lapin.   James leads Amelie to her dorm.   James : Here’s your dorm. I am sure they will give you your uniform soon.

Apr 01 2024 - Day 1249

James is writing in the library of House Lapin reporting his words for the Tourney. As he does so Sable comes through the large archway of the library.   Sable : James! Always good to see you, write on, brave knight!
  James does so and gains enthusiasm.   Much later on into the afternoon James’s stomach rumbles. Upon hearing this Sable comes over   Sable : Yes, you must be fed, you have been writing here for several hours! See you later this evening, James! You have fought well and deserved this repast.  

Apr 02 2024 - Day 1250

James is at his desk writing documents for House Lapin as he does so about an hour in he hears a knock at the door.   James :[call out]Come in.
Sable :[surprised]You're up early!
James : I could hardly lie in with all the ruckus outside. I continued on with these documents you asked me to do.
Sable : James? You do realise this is a tournament going on, don't you?
James : of course I do . That's why there is cheering outside. I just choose to do these documents first to get them out of the way.
Sable : Please can you patrol the streets before your breakfast. I just want to make sure we have extra people on patrol.
  Eager to help out, James agrees and leaves, putting his jumper on. He patrols the streets and everything seems fine this time in the morning. Even with the citizens asking for directions they even sound fine and eager to see James.   James marches back to the Headquarters to House Lapin. Once he is there he finds that there is a feast laid out and a street party has been set up. James goes up to the first floor to the canteen to get his morning rations of oatmeal and fruit and returns to the feast to sit down on tavern-style benches. Sable notices him quizzically.   Sable : Please, today everyone feasts in celebration! Save your rations for tomorrow, my friend[she takes his bowl of oatmeal away from him and gives him a plate]
  James goes over to the spread of food and cuts off a slice of venison and takes some selection of vegetables he takes one of the lemons that the venison was cooking in. James sits back down and takes a large hungry bite.   James :[with his mouth fall of venison]This meat is amazing!
Sable :[smiles at James]I’m pleased that you're enjoying the feast.
  After finishing his plate of food he gets back up and fills his plate with carrots. When returning back down, the diners near him murmur “why just carrots?”. James continues to eat.   After eating his plate of carrots he makes sure he is sober enough to complete his patrolling duties. James then goes patrolling the streets for two hours.   Upon returning gelatin desserts are served out each colour of the Great Houses; Pink, Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey and Purple. James takes two, one pink and the other purple. The colours of Lapin and Mollusca.   James moves to an area he can call out to all diners since they can see he has one pink and one purple, he doesn't need to give too much context.   James :[calls out]May the alliance between our two houses go on for aeons!
  Others cheer as James spots Amamdapandasensei. They have a conversation over how house Mollusca is doing and if its repairs have gone well.   Much later on in the late afternoon, Siobhan the leader of Chiroptera waves coquettishly and James respectfully goes over to Siobhan with his plate and bows.   In the evening James is spotted by Sable and someone new.   Sable : James! This is KahunaTheElder, head of the minor house, Tiki. [they both shake hands].
Sable : He is providing a write-in so we can contribute to the Tournament. Writing would help our house out.   James getting the hint agrees to write at Kahuna’s event.   James :[Enthusiastic]Of course that sounds like fun!
  James writes 141 words and hands those words in to be reported. James looks at the scoreboard for the houses. He looks at the list which reads from top to bottom; Chiroptera, Lapin, Mollusca and Tiki.   James :[Amused][looking at the scoreboard]Hey Kahuna you know what I have just noticed?
Kahuna : No? What is it?
James : If you take the first letter of every House listed here and add two houses beginning with E and one with N. We could spell the word “Clement”.   For a split second all is quiet until Kahuna and James burst out laughing.   Kahuna : That is the 14th Quote I could do something with!
Kahuna : You know what James? I'm here until the Tourney ends! So come again!
James : How could I not!

Apr 03 2024 - Day 1251

In the evening when the sun begins lower under the horizon, James’s name is called out with how many words he managed to write. A second later an arrow with a message tied to it hits near the ground near James.   It reads;  
  Hi, Good Job
— From Moonflower
  James uses a bow and sends a reply unsteadily arrow in return to moonflower saying “ Do you know literomancy?”   A reply flies back simply saying “yes”. James sends one back saying “you could just use “message other”   Finally moonflower replies with another arrow saying “I thought this would be more fun!”  

Apr 15 2024 - Day 1263

DMStretch comes in through the main entrance as the celebrations end for the day.   DMStretch :[shouting]Sable, here are some words from the Varangians in service to House Lapin.
  Sable looks pleased to see DMStretch even though it is coming up for a year since they saw each other.   DMStretch : Let's face it, the Varangians couldn't pledge their loyalty to anyone but Lapin. The house may have fallen in the War but the leader still lived on.
  Sable seems touched by this and thanks DMStretch.  

Apr 19 2024 - Day 1267

While at Sable’s Writing event, Sable is impressed by how much her members are achieving.   Sable : Good work, Pride and James! The Warren, thanks you!
James : The members of House Lapin thank Sable for being such an awesome House Leader we are well fed and cared for!
  At the sound of James saying that Sable blushes.  

Apr 25 2024 - Day 1273

In the evening at the local tavern. Sable is singing merrily to the other members of House Lapin among other Houses. Upon hearing Sable singing, James raises, tiger, his sword, in glory and pride of House of Lapin.

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