The Two Tigers

May 01 2028 - Day 2740

James is in his Redsmith’s, working on a plate he rotates the circle of copper in his right hand as he hammers with his left. When he finishes the plate he puts it in a straw lined crate ready for shipping with other plates.   James goes over to Cheeta who is just starting his first day and thank him for helping James out, while another is off sick.   James then closes the crate and leaves the Redsmith waving to Hunter to finish the order he heads back to The Warren.   When in The Warren, James heads to his quarters for paperwork to finish and then heads to the Owsla Desk and swaps with Kitoypoy and wishes him well.   After about an hour of filling in the paperwork and making changes to other bits, James sees a Corporal entering Sable’s Quarters and Office.   Corporal: Leader, Captain, a matter needs your attention in the lobby.
  Both nod and get up James stretches slightly.   James: After you house leader.
  James leaves the room second with the Corporal turning right.   Sable and James reach the bottom of the stairs and see a black-bearded man, who looks no older than 30.   Sable: [surprise]Kindar!
Sable: I trust that your journey to The Warren was an easy one?
Kindar: It was ok, getting over the Rocky Mountains was a bit of a pain.
  Kindar appears to not hear the reply to his answer, rather looking at James and looks like he has recognised him from somewhere.   Sable shakes her head.   Sable: Oh, Kindar this my Captain of the Owsla, James Woodwright.
  James and Kindar shake hands. Kindar looks as if he recognises the name. The conversation continues between the three of them, James leaves the conversation has been getting the attention of someone else and helps another member of The Warren with something.   Much later on when Sable and James have returned to their seats and James has returned to his paperwork, Kindar comes in and goes to.   James: [Professional]Hello, Kindar how can I help?
James: Would you like help, finding your quarters? I know others find The Warren, to live up to its name.
  Both Sable and James chuckle a bit. Kindar shakes his head and in fact, asks if his parents were called certain names. James nods.   James: Yes, My father died, when I was a teenager, at that time I became a Redsmith.
  James looks down for a moment and shakes his head and looks back at Kindar.   James: Why do you ask?
Kindar: I think it would be best if I tell you privately.
  James nods and goes to the door to ask if Kitoypoy could swap with him. Leaving Sable’s Office, Kindar and James goes to his Owsla quarters.   James: So, what is it you wanted to tell me?
Kindar: I think, you should know that I am your uncle.
James: [disbelif]My Uncle?
Kindar: Yes, I’m your father’s brother.
James: Why haven’t I known you?
Kindar: Your father and I never seen eye to eye and the fact I can change into a tiger freaked him out a bit. With you being an infant, he thought I might eat you.
  James looks to Kindar, inquisitive.   James: You can turn into a tiger?
Kindar: You want to see?
James: Better if we both do it!
  Kindar looks surprised but appears to humour James, and both turn into a tiger.   Both tigers, appear to look at each other and poke at each other’s bellies and muzzles.   Tiger-James: Well this is unexpected.
Tiger-Kindar: [curious]When could you change?
Tiger-James: Well it was a failed ritual by Sable, it was more my fault for moving. Well more of an improvement, I enjoy being a tiger.
Tiger-James: What about you?
Tiger-Kindar: I could always do it, as long as I could remember.
Tiger-James: So, the fact I can turn into a tiger could be a clue to me that there was a family member out there?
Tiger-Kindar: [agreement]I guess so.
  James turns back into human form and a moment later so does Kindar.   James: Something has occurred to me?
Kindar: What’s that, nephew?
James: You said that you came from Calgary, that’s in another province
Kindar: It is.
James: I suspect that you didn’t teleport here, you wouldn’t look so worn out.
James: Out of interest, why did you come to House Lapin, Kindar?
Kindar: Family has to stick together and besides, James, I’m a printer.
James: What do you mean?
Kindar: I own the printers in Calgary and here in Kelowna, James. You placed an order, I thought I recognised the name. Since I was getting frequent attacks from the undead. …
James: You thought you come to Lapin to be with me.
  James smiles and Kindar nods.
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