The Cat Castle

Notes From House Felis

  • Gothic Style Inner Keep
  • Baroque Style Outer Walls
  • Flying Buttress Sunning Locations?
  • Wandering Cat Clan came across the cathedral/castle while travelling before GoT 2020
  • Started to refurbish, make homes, and boost defense of the near-abandoned cathedral/castle and town
  • Refurbishment is in-progress
  • loads of secret passageways (like cat walks kinda vibes, you know what i mean)
  • Stained Glass with Moon imagery
  • Cfb Climate
  • Stone Circle and that's why the cathedral was built/settlement founded. mainly so i can have some late night brooding in a forest clearing with some old stones specifically for the vibes™️
  • Stone Circle possibly has something to do with the moon
  • Settlement came before cathedral
  • Kittering on a waterway
  • we built and/or own and fixed up a large bridge that spans across it
  • if fish, inland is a major trade, then it might be a seasonal fish like salmon, and a bridge/dam could be very useful for nets (assuming overfishing is not a problem in fictional-all-history world)
  • because of the river we have plenty of water for other crops
  • seasonal fish could be our like speciality thing
  • we needed a plausible way to pay for castle restorations (and defense-buiding) after finding it abandoned (probs due to undead horde from last nov). reviving local trade seems a good plan
  • smoked, salted, and/or canned salmon also sound like foodstuffs vs. apocalypse
  • also the river acts as a good defence on one side
  • Wandering/Free-Pasture Sheep Flocks
  • holistic agriculture rotating sheep and cotton fields
  • that will definitely help local economy after a few seasons!
Alternative Names
The Cattery
The Cat-sle
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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