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Article written by Melody Relody, with some help from Sable Aradia. IRL, Melody is the Social Media Manager for the Game of Tomes, since that is the subject of her study and her Master's thesis. She is also legendary for her memes, and is the most visible and active cheerleader of the "Timezone Gang" -- Tome Knights who live in places that aren't North America. She also made the powerpoint that probably explained all this madness to you. She streams at

The Void Princess, Princess of House Felis, Princess Melody Felis (a.k.a. "Melody Relody") (she/they)

Melody is the long lost Princess of the historic House Felis, and currently the sister of The Catarch Queen Misades of the modern House Felis. She was found just after the First Word War within The Shallows of The Void asleep in some strange interdimensional coma.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Melody is in reasonably good physical condition. Following her rescue from the Shallows she spent several months rebuilding her strength. It was only just prior to the Summer Tourney of Tales in 2021 that she was deemed healthy and permitted to leave the castle grounds for the event.

Body Features

Melody is of a relatively average height, but when compared with the other members of House Felis she appears to be quite tall. Her human form has pale skin which freckles easily. Her hair is a light brown colour which turns a copper colour in the sunlight.   Her Werebeast form is that of a Werecat. This cat form takes on the same hues as her eyes, a dark purple to sunset pink gradient. Her were-beast form is quite small with short hair. She is often mistaken for a kitten in low light when her distinctive fur colourings cannot be seen.

Identifying Characteristics

Melody can be recognised at a distance for her characteristic “space bun” hairstyle which is often mistaken for cat ears. She maintains distinctly pointed ears in her human form. Additionally, due to her time in the Shallows her eyes echo the Void-like landscape with a gradient of colours from a dark purple to sunset pink.

Physical quirks

Princess Melody is a rather jumpy person. The smallest shock results in her portalling away momentarily to assess the situation before returning. Similarly, when the Princess gets a case of the hiccups she can often be found accidentally transporting herself around The Cat Castle of House Felis.   Sometimes, and this is of concern amongst some of the senior members of House Felis, the Void Princess appears somewhat absent, almost in a trance-like state. This often happens when the Princess is wandering unaccompanied. When her attention is finally caught she jumps, almost portalling away before murmuring something about a Tree.

Special abilities

The Princess is by far the most proficient manipulator of space, whether this be due to her time in the Shallow Layer, her forgotten childhood during The Golden Age of Literomancy or her natural abilities. She is capable of travelling across the globe in a moment's notice, earning her the catchphrase “Good Timezones Everyone!” and her adeptness as a reporter for the GOT News Network.   In addition to spaticomancy, Princess Melody excels at the kinetical forms of Literomancy, moving objects with great accuracy just by the stories she tells. She can often be found by the Great Fireplace of House Felis, telling stories to her sewing kit as she uses her literomancy to stitch another dress for her collection.   In combat, Princess Melody uses spaticomancy to launch objects at her enemies, summoning bits of furniture left in the Shallows to project at her foes.   Princess Melody has also taken an interest in enchantment magic, partially to enchant the objects she flings through her portals, and partially to enchant her clothing with heating capabilities.

Apparel & Accessories

Princess Melody loves to sew her own dresses, which are usually made of several different handwoven fabrics produced in the House Felis homeland of Kittering. Although she has no memory of her time before the Shallow Layer, Melody’s outfits have a sense of being “out of time” with the rest of the world’s fashion trends. The majority of her dresses follow the same colour palette as her eyes, ranging from deep purples to light pinks.   In combat, her armour is a dark purple colour, which emanates a small amount of light from underneath the plating, which she can turn on and off. She has a handcrafted battle helmet in the shape of a cat head to echo her were-form.

Specialized Equipment

Melody’s small notebook, which she keeps on her belt, is one of the few items she had on her when she was found in the Void. The notebook has seemingly infinite space to write in. This notebook is utilised not only for quick acts of literomancy, but also for story ideas and notes of all the things she needs to know to fulfil her role as Princess of a modern Literomantic House.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Found in the Shallows

  Princess Melody was found asleep within the Shallow Layer following the First Word War when Literomancy flowed through the world with more strength than it had done so for centuries.   In the months prior to her rescue, the First Word War had ended and Misa, a Tome Knight who takes on the were-beast form of a cat, had begun to gain a significant following. Although House Felis had been lost to the annals of time, Misa rose as a new leader for the were-cats through her connection with the Goddess Bast and felt the calling to re-found the lost House. The were-cats returned to the half-ruined settlement of Kittering which was once home to the Literomantic House.   In the months that followed the move into Kittering, the reformed House Felis began to slowly renovate the settlement, often utilising their literomancy to portal objects to and from various work sites.   One day Purry Allen , the fastest cat in the world, was running various construction materials between sites when something caught their eye within the Shallow Layer of the Void. Purry paused and turned to look to see the floating figure of a girl seemingly asleep within the interdimensional realm. As Purry Allen approached they noticed the girl was halfway through transforming into their were-beast form with short cat ears on the top of their head. They tried to wake up the girl but nothing, not even a slap, seemed to rouse her from her slumber. Perplexed, Purry Allen scooped up the floating girl and ran back to Kittering.  

Home to Kittering

  Upon arrival, it did not take long for the girl to be identified from the old portraits in the Great Hall as “Princess Melody '' the last heir apparent of House Felis before its abrupt and sudden disappearance from the Realm centuries ago. How could she possibly still be alive?   Nevertheless, the lost princess was here in the flesh. Soon she was taken into one of the rooms of The Pole and laid in bed to rest. Queen Misa called for the best physicians in Kittering to take a look at the Princess. Despite the physicians finding nothing wrong, Melody continued to sleep. Meanwhile, the restoration of Kittering continued and a few curious cats tried to find out more information on the historic House Felis.   Eventually, Princess Melody awoke, confused and with blurry memories of her past. Slowly, the cats of House Felis explained to Princess Melody who they thought she was and who they were. Queen Misa first felt rather unsure about the Princess; after all, House Felis had only just been reformed and was still finding its feet. However, even with Melody’s lack of memories, Misa found the young Princess’ affinity to Bast was clear. The Void Princess quickly regained her ability to perform magnificent literomantic acts. Without hesitation, Misa accepted Melody as her sister and crowned her with the title of Princess.  


Princess Melody was permitted to participate in the Tourney of Tales July 2021, where she proved to be a very proficient literomancer, and helped lift house Felis and House Lapin to victory in the event. During this time, the Princess helped recruit other were-cats to join the homestead of Kittering. Minor House Felis began to assert its presence in the Realm once again.  

GoT News

Whilst Princess Melody had taken on many classes within Kittering, she still remained slightly detached from the world at large. She used up most of her free time trying to figure out what exactly happened to House Felis all those centuries ago. To reconcile this, the House Cats encouraged Princess Melody to join the news anchor crew of the UK branch of the GoT News Network. This would allow the Princess to report on the happenings of the literomantic houses and slowly learn more about the modern world. Armed with a GoPro, she set out to research the literomantic houses. However, her fieldwork was cut short when the Second Word War began.  

Second Word War

During the Second Word War, Melody joined the other cats inside The Warren having allied under House Lapin. Melody continued on as a wartime news anchor, eventually losing her precious GoPro after aggravating the Cosmic Kraken.   She often got lost in the Warren and ended up making a map of the place. During an exclusive interview with MTV Cribs this map was accidentally leaked.   During the Battle of the Warren, Princess Melody was seen utilising her litereomantic powers to open up portals to the Shallow Layer. Through these portals, the Princess would fling enchanted objects of the Void at her foes as her literomantic tactic.  

The Void

Following the Second Word War, during the cleanup of the Warren, Princess Melody met Princess Sunny. It was here she was reintroduced to the Void in full. Whilst the cats of House Felis have historically used the top layer of the Void to portal across the Realm, Sunny instructed Melody on how to sink into the nothingness below.   As Melody familiarised herself with her new surroundings she realised that the Void was the place she had been dreaming of for months as she tried to regain her memories. Down in the Void, Sunny and Melody met fellow Voider Lord Galakrond of House Meles.   The Voiders have each begun their own investigation into this strange inter-dimensional place. Princess Melody is focused on regaining her memories and travels around the Void hoping it will spark her mind. The Princess just wants to know what happened to House Felis and why she keeps seeing a Tree.  

April 2022 Tourney of Tales

During the April Tourney of Tales, Melody continued her work at GOT News, reporting on the event, and convening regularly with her Voiders to discuss the goings-on of the Realm.   The Princess welcomed Seacat Sailing Ocelot to the Tourney and the two made quick, firm friends. Although it appears that Ocelot is perplexed that Melody does not remember them.   Throughout the Tourney, Melody continued her search for her GoPro but had no luck, just many dead-end leads.

Gender Identity

Yes (undetermined at this point in her life)


Yes (undetermined at this point in her life)


Currently pursuing a master's degree in Sociology; undergraduate degree in Anthropology

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Accidentally teleporting away from people mid-conversation and being too awkward to explain what happened.
  • Getting lost in the Warren and having to be found by the Owsla multiple times.
  • Leaking a map of the Warren to MTV Cribs.
  • GO PRO T-T
  • Mental Trauma

    The Void Princess continues to suffer from almost total amnesia of her previous life before her discovery in the Void. This may be a way of protecting herself from the trauma of the experience and House Felis' disappearance.

    Intellectual Characteristics

    Melody is clearly exceptionally bright, but suffers from the typical chaotic thought processes of the Voidtouched. Her friends suspect she may have ADHD but she does not have an official diagnosis.

    Personality Characteristics

    Likes & Dislikes

    Likes: Yorkshire tea, nail polish, TTRPGs, studying history, doodling, libraries, nonsense.   Dislikes: herbal tea, serious people, commas, GoPro thieves.

    Virtues & Personality perks

    Creator of Memes, always trying to cheer people up with nonsense.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Doesn't like arguments, tends to run away from fights. Big freeze or flight response.   Takes a while to commit new information to memory.
    Chaotic Good
    Current Status
    Searching every known plane for her GoPro
    Current Location
    423 (apparent age: early 20s)
    Circumstances of Birth
    Born about 400 years ago, but disappeared when House Felis did
    Current Residence
    The Cat Castle
    A purple to pink gradient in all forms
    Coppery, long, often worn in "space buns"
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Pale white with freckles (human form), purple fur with pink markings (cat form)
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    Good Timezones Everyone!
    It's fine. Really, it's fine.
    — said only when it is clearly not fine
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
    English, Abyssal, something no one can recognize that she utters in her sleep

    A purplish cat coming through a purple portal

    Princess Melody portalling by Melody Relody

    Melody Relody on GoT News

    Melody Relody as an anchor on GoT News by Melody Relody

    A very upset purple cat with a crown trying to point out a barren tree

    Melody and the Tree by Melody Relody

    A girl with a purple portal between her hands, wandering the Void

    Melody wanders the Void by Melody Relody

    A purple cat in red Hawaiian shirt and shades

    Melody at the Beach by Melody Relody


    An animated cat

    Melody by Melody Relody


    Songs About the Void Princess


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