Kittering Community Garden (/ˈkɪtəɹɪŋ/ KIT-ter-ing)

The Kittering Community Garden is a plot of land located south of Kittering's Market Square. There are twenty plots in the garden, and people are encouraged to sign up to take a plot as their own. When someone is assigned a plot, they are permitted to grow any non-invasive species of plant on their plot. If a plant is noted to be invasive or if it spreads to other plots, it may be removed to protect the garden and the environment.  

Purpose / Function

The entire purpose of the Kittering Community Garden is to grow food. Although that is the primary purpose, the garden also hopes to foster a sense of community among the residents of Kittering.


The garden area has been overrun with English Ivy during the years of disuse. This invasive species has outcompeted most other plants in the area. Several trees are swathed, as are the hedges. Basil is actively working to clear this ivy from the paths and plots. They are using the vines of the plants to weave baskets that can be used to harvest and transfer goods.


At the center of the garden is a derelict glasshouse, of which barely more than a rusty iron fretwork swathed in vines remains, though a few glints in the sunlight promise that some panes may be intact.   At the center of each quadrant of the garden is a mossy statue. Beyond the hedge to the south on the sloping, sunny hill might have been an orchard. There were unusually plentiful flowers in springtime, but it has grown quite wild and is also tangled with ivy.


The garden is hemmed by thick, thorny hedges. The gates to the garden (in need of repair) are at the four cardinal points. The largest gate is on the north side facing Kittering's center. The garden will be publicly accessible, and the gates will not be locked. They only serve as to deter deer, rabbits, and rodents who would destroy the plants.


The garden was originally constructed in approximately 1802 CE by the residents of the declining Kittering. The garden fell into disuse by the middle of the twentieth century, and was allowed to become overgrown. After House Felis came into power over Kittering and began reconstruction, the garden area was found by Basil.


Although tourism is not yet established, the people of Kittering hope that the trade and tourism from the garden stimulates the growing economy and allows for rebuilding to happen even faster. The hope is that people from far and wide gain access to food and relaxation through the garden. Any excess harvest is donated to organizations who provide food for those who cannot find or afford it.
Kittering Community Garden Flyer by Moonflower with Canva
Founding Date
22 May 2022 CE
Alternative Names
The KCG (initialism)
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
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Cover image: Seedling by jag2020 on Pixabay


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