Katze Ward "Catguard" (KAT-zuh wȯrd)

The Katze Ward is the unit of the House Felis military responsible for guarding the Catarch. It is made up of four members, as that is the maximum number allowed by the Interhouse Treaty of Bodyguards and Military Forces. Despite their lack of training, the Katze Ward is highly competent. In fact, their biggest advantage is their enemies underestimating them.



The Katze Ward is made up of up to four Literomancers. These Literomancers have volunteered their lives and service to the Catarch. Each member is rigorously tested to determine their skill, and given training from the Kitty General themself if found lacking in any way. The current Katze Ward members are as follows:  
  • Purry Allen — the Kommandant of the Katze Ward and successor of Basil
  • CutsyCat — a Korporal of the Katze Ward
  • AraCat — a Korporal of the Katze Ward
  •   Former members of the Katze Ward include:
  • Basil — the former Kommandant of the Katze Ward, who retired and named Purry Allen as their successor
  • Equipment

    The tools used by the Katze Ward include those necessary for survival, intelligence gathering, and quick transportation. A new addition to the equipment of the Katze Ward are the █████, a new ████████ invention created by ████████████████. Many of the Katze Ward's tools rely on technology more than Literomancy so as to allow the cats to do their job even when afflicted with otherwise-debilitating conditions such as Writer's Block.


    The Katze Ward's armaments vary based on the members of the Katze Ward. For example, Purry Allen uses primarily melee weapons to suit his speed. He can outrun most ranged weapons.   Overall, many of the Katze Ward prefer melee weapons over ranged, and the armory houses a huge assortment of weapons. Swords, spears, axes, staves, maces, whips, halberds, and falxes are only some of the varieties contained in the armory.    
    The Katze Ward's Armory before repairs


    The Katze Ward has five vehicles at its disposal. Three of these vehicles are armored cars, one is a sports car, and one is a motorcycle. The armored cars are generally deployed as a fleet, but the sports car and motorcycle can be used with no other vehicles deployed.
    Overall training Level
    Assumed Veterancy
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