James Woodwright

(Private) James Richard Anthony Woodwright (a.k.a. Woodwright)

  Trigger Warning: Self-Harm (Location mentioned, no pictures) and Abuse (Physical and Emotional Abuse Mentioned, no pictures)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

James is a healthy person in his late '20s to early '30s.

Facial Features

James even for his age has a concerned wrinkle from all the times he couldn't stop things happening at the hands of his parents.

Identifying Characteristics

James has unkempt hair as well as a beard which James allows to grow. James shaves his beard infrequently which is considered odd by others. Infrequently, meaning not regularly enough and often irregularly.

Physical Quirks

James has calluses on his right index finger where he has bitten his finger in an attempt to relieve tension or anxiety. Commonly he may have bite marks or bruises on his lower left arm, near his wrist. To James, this is to distract his brain to be concerned about something else when he has thoughts he doesn't want to have. He inflicts this pain on himself by biting himself.   James prefers to use his left hand to write and to use a longsword. He can eat using a knife and fork in either hand but prefers to use a dagger in his right.

Special Abilities

James has the ability to learn at his own pace and learns more than others would.

Apparel & Accessories

James is often wearing his House Lapin uniform, of a pink military jumper, shirt (of the same colour), cargo trousers and steel-capped boots. His jumper has a silver arrow pointing up denoting his rank and one of his prized achievements.   He is required to wear this whether or not he is on the duty of House Lapin or not. James doesn't mind this, what he does mind, is not being able to wear the symbol of his country, Canada.   He has kept the Molluscan uniform he was given in Season 1.

Specialized Equipment

James has a Damascus steel longsword called, Tiger, in High Common. It is called Tiger because of the stripes it has along its blade. His dagger doesn't have a name.

Mental Characteristics

Personal History

James grew up in British Columbia. He lived with his parents. He was abused by both of his parents and later in life became a Redsmith.   As a Redsmith, owning a smithy, he made copper items for House Lapin. In 2020, James saw an opportunity to enlist as part of House Lapin during Season 1.   The ideas behind this were that he wanted to be part of something more. Secondly, he wanted to defend his community against the Undead Hoard something he couldn't do as a Redsmith. Lastly, he wanted the story of his life to be more heroic and not to be the story that he was abused and did nothing with his life.


James is educated enough to be a Redsmith. He is curious and likes to find things out and likes to read. He has intuitions with things not expected of a Redsmith.   This is due to the fact that James was abused and wanted to be part of the community rather than being a recluse and therefore became book smarts and from which, he gained his street smarts.


James first employment placement was at the Redsmiths, he became gifted in his trade and from that he started his own Redsmithy. The competition nearby lost business as they fired their workforce, James employed them, so he was not working on his own. He has a team of three.   When the Undead hoard threatened the Living, James enlisted as a recruit for House Lapin.   At the end of Season 1. James proves himself to the Head of House Lapin, SableAradia. She gives James the option to become one of her Elite Guards. James chooses not to become one and Sable allows the option to change his mind.  
  Sable: [Addressing James] I should make you one of my personal elite guards [James looks stunned to be given this honour] as you helped us to continue fighting.
James: Thank you, ma’am, but I feel I would not be up to the role and would like to be given the honour later.
Sable: As you wish when you feel able, come back to me for your new role.
  James in fact gets his time-related promotion. As James has been working for House Lapin for at least 2 and a half years, he gets a promotion from Recruit to Private.

Accomplishments & Achievements

James's main achievements are that he managed to work out where the Iron Tome was in Season 1. This other achievement, from his Litromancy classes, managed to enchant a Brass Gear to protect him and other members of House Lapin.   A lesser accomplishment is to be able to make an Amulet of Heat, in the same class. Which proves helpful to James, in Season 1.

Failures & Embarrassments

James alignments range from Neutral Good to Chaotic Good. While he is happy to follow orders from his superiors, if left to his own devices and a civilian annoys James, he is likely to behave as his Chaotic Good alignment allows.

Mental Trauma

He was Physically and Emotional abused by his father and neglected emotionally by his mother. As he was abused he has taught himself how to be part of the community and as a result has learned High Common.

Intellectual Characteristics

James has knowledge that would not be obvious to others as others see him as a former Redsmith. These topics are Politics, Theoretical History and Ethical Philosophy.

Morality & Philosophy

James sees people as untrustworthy unless he can snitch on the person who is at a higher rank than them. James prefers to be nice at first and then if the point is not taken he will take the point too far.

Personality Characteristics


James motivation derives from him being a communitarian. He will help others unless they are annoying or obnoxious. Unless he is duty-bound to help.


Family Ties

James's parents are both dead and it is not known if James has siblings.
Season 1
House Transfers: 1 (Went to Mollusca)
Became Undead: No
Undead Nickname: N/A

James Appears in:
2020 (Our Universe)

Season 1: James' Story
Peacetime: 1, May 2 2023


Cover image: Historical Book by Freeimages


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