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Information Lattice

Sable: Senna gave me a piece of the Information Lattice to put in this flower pot, so I could absorb useful facts I might need. It contains information related to 'non-fiction works broaching the subject of war.' It's a lot of information to absorb. So don't eat this, Torch. It might break your brain.

Tempest: Information Lettuce? Really?
  Information Lattice is the material incarnation of the information stored in the Exposition (also informally known as the Infodump). It contains terabytes worth of facts and experiences, presented with as little bias as possible, in even the smallest of pieces. All information in the Infodump is stored in categories, although most tidbits can be found in multiple categories, and the same is true for Information Lattice pieces. The bigger the piece of Lattice is, the bigger the category of information.   Consuming a piece of Information Lattice uploads the information directly to the consumer's memories, but, despite the obvious benefits of this, it is ill advised. The Information Lattice and indeed the Infodump records every last detail of a situation, and even a single moment of time in a very specific place can be overwhelming to experience. As the Human (or Werebeast, as the case may be) brain does in fact have a storage space limit, consuming a large piece of Information Lattice can lead to organ failure and death.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
Queen Sable Aradia has found a way to circumvent the sensory overload by planting an edible plant above a piece of Information Lattice. The plant will absorb the information ambiently and, so long as no particularly large part of the plant is consumed at once, the information can be gleaned without significant sensory overload.
  It is to be noted that all pieces of Information Lattice are simply copies of what is stored in the Infodump. No information is lost from the consumption of the Lattice.   To obtain Information Lattice, Literomantic Energy must be fed into the Infodump via a script that Senna Nightshade created. The Infodump then gathers the information selected, builds the physical form, and ejects the matter into the material world. Entering into the Infodump itself is a dangerous endeavor and should not be attempted by anyone who wishes to live.
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Like nothing and everything all at once. It's intense
Does this taste like Foxx's glitter to you?
— Senna to Tempest
Vaguely sugary-sweet
Light blue
If information were matter, this would be a Bose-Einstein Condensate... Don't measure. No.
— Senna

As an actual piece of matter, it is of roughly equal density of some lapis lazuli at ~2.42 g/cm3
Common State
An easily-moldable solid similar in consistency to a firm putty

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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