Game of Tomes - Point Reporting and Points Setup

If you are participating in the Game of Tomes event sprints in streams we have a quick guide on how to report your word counts and for House and Volunteer points collection streams to set up the reporting system. 
Points collecting in the July Game of Tomes: Tourney of Tales in July 2021 begins with UTC+14, starting at 12:00 PM UTC on the 30th of June, and ends at 12:00 PM UTC on August 1st. See the Sidebar for special conditions for the Tourney of Tales.

Viewers: How to Report Points for your House

Streamers: Channel Points Setup For Collecting Word Sprint Counts

To set up the points reporting, you need to be a Twitch affiliate and you will need to authorize the Game of Tomes Chatbot. This will give it access to your channel and allow the bot to collect information from your Channel Point Rewards.
Once the bot is active you will be able to create your Channel Point Rewards and use the Chat Commands as shown in the video below.  The House Channel Point Rewards will be activated and deactivated by the bot for each event and should remain disabled between events. 

Channel Points Emotes

 You will need the channel points emotes for all the houses, which you can download here:
Game of Tomes Image Resources
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Submitting Words After Your Stream

At the end of each stream, you will need to collect screenshots and submit them via this Form according to the video below.

Please Note: Minor House numbers will be kept separate beginning with the July Tourney of Tales. When submitting on the form, please do not add Minor House numbers into their associated Major House.   Note for July: After collecting your screenshots, please do not manually delete the the redemptions from your Reward Requests Queue. They will be deleted by the new chatbot when you click Grab Redemptions. 

Other Notes

We strongly suggest that you invite the Game of Tomes Event Calendar to your events, this will encourage Game of Tomes players to watch your stream.
We also strongly suggest that you include "Game of Tomes" or "GoT" in the NAME of your stream, so that potential viewers can see at a glance that their word counts can be counted in your stream.

Reporting Links

Word Count Reporting Form

Game of Tomes Chatbot

Special Notes for the Tourney of Tales

  Beginning in July, we will be testing the Game of Tomes Chatbot! This brings some minor changes as seen in the videos:  
  • After collecting your screenshots, please do not delete your rewards. This will be handled by the chatbot when you click Grab Redeems.

  • Channel Point Rewards from events prior to July will need to be deleted.

  • Channel Point Rewards are now created by the chatbot, but images will need to be manually added.

  • Channel point rewards will be activated and deactivated by the bot at the beginning and end of the event.

  • Major and Minor House rewards will be available in your channel points and will be ordered to put your house as the first option in your stream.

  • No channel point reward options for the Houses need be removed for the duration of the Tourney.

  • There is still one reporting form for everyone for the Tourney of Tales

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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