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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Game of Tomes?

  The Game of Tomes is an event for writers in the Twitch community that runs side-by-side with the National Novel Writing Month events. It is a team-based game in which the players choose a house to represent and redeem their word counts towards their houses over the course of the month. These words must be written and redeemed in Game of Tomes streams on Twitch.    

What is the Tourney of Tales?

  The Tourney of Tales is a Game of Tomes event that runs side-by-side with the Camp NaNo events. It is played the same way as the Game of Tomes, but there are no eliminations and there is no Undead Horde. The Tourney of Tales is roleplayed as if it is a medieval-style Tourney.    

When are the Game of Tomes events?

  The Game of Tomes is run in NOVEMBER annually. The Tourney of Tales events are held in APRIL and JULY annually.    

When and What are the cut-offs?

  The cut-offs are the last possible time you can submit words for a particular round of the Game. These cutoffs are always at NOON UTC the day of the results stream.    

When are the results streams?

  They are in RED ON THE CALENDAR.    

What forms of writing are eligible for counting?

  There are many forms of writing, but not all of them are able to be counted. The Game of Tomes only counts CREATIVE WRITING. FILKING, POETRY, HAND-WRITING, CREATIVE STAT BLOCKS, CREATIVE CODING, EDITING, and TRANSLATION are all included in this definition of creative writing.    

How do I redeem my words to be counted?

  To redeem your words, simply input the appropriate number into the appropriate channel point reward on a reporting stream. PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOUND ON THE HOME PAGE. All editing (light and heavy) must be divided by either 2 or 3 depending on the type, as detailed on the home page.    

Do I have to get involved in the roleplay?

  NO, the roleplay is there for additional fun. It is not at all mandatory. If you are not interested in roleplay, simply don't participate in it.    

Where do I start if I want to follow the plot?

  THE STORY THUS FAR - SEASON 1. Subsequent articles that describe the ongoing plot will be connected to this one through sequential links at the bottom of the page.    

What is filking?

  Filking is MUSICAL FANFICTION! It can be original songs about the fandom or parodies of existing songs using new words to make it about the fandom. The filking plague originated with Tempest Kwake in November of 2021 on the eve of that Game of Tomes event and quickly spread from there.    

Is it too late to join?

  NO, it is never too late to join! Tome Knights are welcomed year-round, although the Game only happens 3 times a year. Join our DISCORD for more information.    

What are the Houses?

  The houses are a community of writers who work together to build a word count. These words are used to increase the prestige of the house. To see a list of current Houses, both Major and Minor, see THE CURRENT HOUSES.
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