Emily Armstrong

The Grinning Gator Emily Armstrong (she/her)

It's rumored that Emily is a cryptid sewer gator that traveled too far down the pipes but this is all hearsay and gossip. Emily has simply been brumating beneath the swamp, not causing chaos and panic in pleasant suburban neighborhoods.   Look at that face. Could it possibly cause any sort of pandemonium?   When Emily awoke from her long sleep, she decided to wander the Swamp and check out the stomping grounds. After coming across Raptor Captain Dazzlinkat, she was introduced to House Sauropoda and never looked back. Now a proud Tome Knight, Emily has pledged loyalty and protection to The King Dino RPGDinosaurBob as part of his Raptor Squad.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Emily is relatively stationary, preferring to stay in one spot soaking up the sun. Despite her constant exposure to rays, she is shockingly pale and nearly translucent.

Special abilities

Emily was gifted with a special ability at birth: defective collagen. A blessing and a curse, Emily is very adept at party tricks but is often stuck in the same corner of the swamp due to her creaky joints.   Emily has also developed a bit of a silver tongue over the years, honing her skill to schmooze with anyone. She's particularly good at smoothing tempestuous business deals.

Mental characteristics


Emily prefers to sit among the swampgrass and chill most of the day, but unfortunately duty calls on occasion. Specializing in persuasive publicity and information dissemination served with a smile, Emily is the go-to gator for influential marketing in the southern sectors of the Swamp.

Accomplishments & Achievements

As soon as Emily bubbled up from the primordial swamp ooze she began to crunch down on her keys, hitting over 100k during the April Tourney 2022

Failures & Embarrassments

Emily brumated beneath the Swamp straight through the ongoing wars and disputes, completely unaware of the turmoil her House had undergone.

Morality & Philosophy

Emily is meticulously moral, unbelievably unbiased, and extraordinarily ethical in every possible way. Anything else stated about this topic is libel and slander.


Contacts & Relations

This information is confidential and quite frankly none of your business.


Emily has acquired unique idiosyncrasies from her time slithering along the coast. Her hands tend to betray her true emotions. You can tell how Emily is feeling by the speed, pointedness, and exaggeration of her gesturing. This can become exceptionally dangerous when she is carrying a weapon, which she certainly does not carry at all times.


Emily's accent has been called a "confusing" mix of New York and Florida.
Chaotic Opportunist
Current Status
Wafting through edits
Date of Birth
April 7
Current Residence
The Swamps
Deep brown
Brown, straight, long
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale (whether speaking of scales or skin)
5'6" (human form), 30' long (gator form)
You lookin' for a fight?
Aligned Organization

A half-gator person in a business suit, with briefcase

Emily Armstrong by HeroForge/Emily Armstrong

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
Character Portrait image: Emily smiling by Mosei Films


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