Aydan Nightshade (AY-den ˈnīt-ˌshād | ˈɛi̯dən ˈnaɪʧeɪd)

Aydan Nightshade is the webmaster of Game of Tomes. See Moonflower Contact for details on how to contact them about the website.

Kitty General Aydan Nightshade (a.k.a. Moonflower) (Any)

Aydan Nightshade is the current Kitty General of House Felis. They are also the Marquess de Lune, a title bestowed upon them by Queen Misades. They are a Werecat.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Aydan Nightshade is not a fit nor a healthy person. They have many health conditions, including something that appears similarly to rheumatoid arthritis. Aydan has a condition which causes their inner and middle ears to not drain properly which causes vertigo and balance issues.

Body Features

Aydan is short and stockily built, but they are also quite overweight due to health issues and needed medications. They are mildly pigeon-toed, which makes running extremely difficult for them.   In their cat form, Aydan is a long-haired calico with green eyes.   In their Undead form, green antlers sprout from their head, and their eyes, skin, and hair turn green. The color change is presumably from the sudden appearance of chlorophyll, as their Undead form has a unique control of and likeness to plants.

Facial Features

Aydan has been described as "baby-faced". Their facial structure has not changed in any significant amount since their early teens, and they are often mistaken for a 16 year old. The severe, scarring acne they suffer from certainly doesn't help the issue. Aydan has a very round face with a notably square jawline.  
Please note: Although Aydan wears glasses near-constantly in real life, their Game of Tomes persona only wears reading glasses.

Physical quirks

Aydan Nightshade is right handed, although they were ambidextrous as a child. They walk with their toes pointed inward thanks to their pigeon-toed-ness. They walk quickly in order to keep up with their taller peers.

Special abilities

I like having my fingers, thank you very much.
— Aydan
  Aydan is a Literomancer as well as a shape shifter and a witch. Their half-beastial form is as natural to them as their humanoid one, although they find being in their beastial form annoying due to the lack of prehensile fingers.

Apparel & Accessories

Aydan is partial to dark clothing. They refuse to wear skirts without the bare minimum of leggings or shorts underneath. They are commonly seen wearing loose clothing such as oversized T-shirts and straight-leg jeans. They will also wear dresses, particularly when temperatures are uncomfortable. They own light dresses for the heat and thick sweater dresses for the cold. They very rarely wear anything shorter than knee-length.   Aydan is often barefoot when walking around the Cat Castle, but they will wear walking or hiking boots with socks if footwear is required.   Aydan will wear teal facepaint on their face if preparing for battle. They claim that it is to soothe their nerves, as the actions of preparing and applying the face paint are calming.

Specialized Equipment

Aydan fights from a distance using a flatbow and arrows. They carry their quiver at their right hip. They have discovered a Literomantic spell capable of keeping their quiver constantly full, and they use it often.   They write using a mechanical keyboard or a fountain pen. They are a stationary addict and fanatic, and have many different types of paper. Aydan, by their own admission, is not easily able to fill notebooks completely due to their own perceptions of organization.

Mental characteristics


Aydan is employed as the Kitty General of House Felis, a highly coveted position. They hold enough rank to swear fealty on behalf of the Catarch and to temporarily take control of the House should the Catarch have any need for it.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Aydan is prone to breakdowns which can manifest as self-violent outbursts. They can be very mean to others during these breakdowns, but they are both physically and mentally not in full control. Spikes in emotions can cause breakdowns, and they take many forms of medication in order to control their emotions.   Aydan is quite addicted to stationary and writing tools, and rightfully so. The tools have proven themselves to be indispensable for performing Aydan's literomantic specialties of air magic and enchantment.

Personality Quirks

Aydan has a great many stims. These range from rocking to chewing to pacing. They will often pick at their skin when nervous, overstimulated, or understimulated.
21 Years Old
Date of Birth
11 June 2001
Presented Sex
Aydan is polyamorous and pansexual.
Gender Identity
Aydan is extremely unattached to their gender and accepts any and all pronouns. They are generally considered a demi-girl.
Deep-set and brown (humanoid)
Green (cat)
Short and dark brown with a purple-dyed section at the front
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light beige (humanoid)
Calico (cat)
155 cm (humanoid)
90.7 kg (humanoid)
Quotes & Catchphrases
Progress is progress.
— Aydan Nightshade
Pantheistic Pagan
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Plots
Character Prototype
Literomantic Specialties
Plant Magic
Air Magic
Zombie Form
Aydan Nightshade Zombie by moonflower with HeroForge

Badge Gallery

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
Character Portrait image: Aydan Nightshade by moonflower with HeroForge


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