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The planet of Galileo has been documented to exist for 3.9 billion years, and since it's birth it has held many stories and evolution through it's hardships and triumphs of its species. It holds a massive amount of water, and land. It's circumference is 23,490 miles, and it's population is 4.4 billion as of 1955.   The year is currently 1959, although superior species compared to humans accelerate Galileo's technology by several decades. Speaking of Species, there are 3 races in this society, namely Mutants, Humans and Nanians.   Mutants are basically what happens when a fetus has some kind of anomalie. Long ago they were used as slaves for various reasons, (corrupt economy, exotic plant purification) and dealt with oppression for many years. International laws have been made in Galileo to prevent this, but there is still small problems that harkens back to their terrible history.   Humans in Galileo are mostly the same as us here on Earth, but their religion and culture is quite different, as religion is seen as foolish most places on Galileo, but a few countries still have their believers.   Nanians are slightly superior to these species, and their land shows it. Their cities are noticeably more advanced and their kind has led the way for the other species in terms of technology and knowledge. Not many Nanians are religious at all, and their culture is based on science.

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