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day / 10 / 1207

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Galesa- An Old World term for soil, for land, for Home and for health, and the mutual name for the known world. A world where empires reign, tribes rule, and lengands are still amiss, the Triple Alliance runs the world in their own corners. A world where myth and steam, gears and legend run together, an adventure always awaits those willing to search.   Here the kingdoms of the Triple Alliance, or the "Empires at Peace", are the rulers, and are as varying as the land. The Redragian Kingdom's Sleeping Dragon, the Sindu Empire's budding and flowering Apple Bloom, and the Inyx's Sliver Fox are all simple symbols of the complex alliance that keeps Galesa in a steady peace.   And yet assassinations, war, plague, and serial killers threaten the internal affairs of each country. What would become of these empire, if they allowed such simple yet such impactful actions command their policy?   Well who cares about that? Lets see what everyone else is up to..

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