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Deberian red brew

Deberian red brew, known as Deberian red, red brew, or reddy is a type of drink, commonly consumed warm, known for its energizing properties.   Deberian brew is a warm beverage originally created by the Deberians by drying or roasting blood grass and soaking it in hot water.   When the Galentean Empire allied with the Deberians during the Golden age of Galenara, they developed a taste for the Deberian brew, and through their trade routes, spread it througout the reaches.   Deberian brew is unique in that it is one of the few consumable substance that almost all species can consume without any issue, and has a similar effect on most. However, the inherent differences between the species of the Reaches also means that every species has developed its own variation of it. The Grel'daan, for example, tend to prefer a mix of highly concentrated Deberian brew, honey, and spices from their homeworlds to enhance the taste.  

Blend types

Blood Grass, when ground down after processing, becomes a blend. There are many types of blend, with slight variations in the grass used, the processing method or duration, and other factors. However, there are two main types of blend: dried or roasted.  

Dried Red

Dried Red is the original form of blend on Deberia, but today is the less popular variant known as Deberian red tea or Deberian dried red. Due to the drying process, the blood grass retains a lot of its original natural properties, and results in a slightly acidic and fruity flavored brew with earthy notes.  

Roasted Red

The roasted variant is the more commonly consumed version, and most times when people refer to Deberian red brew, this is the type they refer to. The roasting process changes the composition of many of the flavours in blood grass, and if done properly will not affect the energizing properties of the blend. Roasted blends retain the slight acidity of red tea, but has a more nutty and chocolatey taste with bitter notes.  

mixed blends

Various blends exist that combine different amounts of roasted and dried blends, combining flavours of both to different proportions. These are much less common, but are the dominant variants on certain worlds.


Deberian red Brew was an extremely popular and common drink on Deberia long before the arrival of the Galenteans. After their arrival and consequent alliance, the Galenteans developed a taste for the drink and would ship samples of it, along with instructions on its preparation, back to the prime worlds. From here on out, Red Brew only gained in popularity and became one of the staple drinks within the empire.   The sheer popularity of the drink was a vast economic boon to the Deberians, who, with the help of Galentean terraforming technology, began cultivating Blood grass on many more worlds. To this day, the systems surrounding Deberia are the main exporters of Blood Grass, and are considered to produce the finest blends in the reaches.   Even with red brew being almost universally consumable, different cultures and species began adapting the drink to their own tastes and purposes, which in turn got introduced back into the empire, resulting in a great variety of recipes and blends.   To this day, red brew is a staple drink on most worlds, if not one of its many variants.


It is one of the few substances that all species in the reaches can consume without adverse effects, and has a similar energizing effect on most.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
extremely common, widely available throughout the reaches
Raw materials & Components
  • Hot water
  • Dried/Roasted Blood grass
  • sugar/honey (optional)
  • milk (optional)
Any container that can hold hot water will do, but specialised brewing pots and kettles exist and are very easy to find.

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