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The Loftwinds are, quite literally, not for the faint of heart. Soaring above the highest clouds, smatterings of small and fragile ayrlands are swept along the altosphere's gale streams at breakneck speeds. There, the Sayr'Rahans make their homes, looking down with dispassionate curiosity as the folk of Midgahl scurry frenetically about their lives.   Sayr'Rahans are natural skyfarers, for their small frames and lighter bones make them unparalleled acrobats. This adaptation has its own obvious drawbacks in terms of raw physical power, but that's what an archave companion is for. Thanks to their acclimation to high altitudes, Sayr'Rahans are also resistant to the more dramatic effects of Iscario's Curse, which leaves other gahls blind and desperately gasping for air until their hearts give out. It is said that the highfolk have twelve-dozen words to describe a breath, and even more to describe a silence.   Sayr'Rahans have a spoken language, but more often, they talk with their hands. To preserve their breath, they have developed a structured sign language that doubles as a writing system. Accentuated with lingerlight inks, their handspeech leaves hanging trails in mid-air, as they trace loops and swipes with their fingers or feathered brushes. Seen from above, their slow and meticulously choreographed dances express characters and symbols even more complex than their aerial calligraphy.   The dozens of disparate Sayr'Rahan clans that dominate the loftwinds are often defined by the types of great birds they ride and tend. Life in the Loftwinds would be impossible without flying mounts. Most clans follow the migrations of the great cranes, others raise fierce eagles of war, and a few even throw their lot in with the haughty archvultures that circle closer to the abyss. All clans must find a way to deal with the sheer lack of solid ground. Often this means a collectivist lifestyle with a strong sense of shared property, to minimize the dead weight of duplicate resources. Other times, it means fierce competition between harried chiefs and territorial warlords for what few riches and territory is available.   Sayr’Rahan culture values poise and composure. It is considered the height of rudeness to intentionally frighten someone or cause them to lose their focus. For the highfolk, war is best fought in an orderly manner, or better yet, settled through duels. The exception is when attacking the folk of the skies below, where Sayr'Rahans enjoy a fearsome advantage in terms of speed and endurance. When engaging in skirmishes, they prefer aggressive and precise hit-and-run tactics that takes advantage of their ability to ascend back up where none can follow.

Suggested Races

Elves, Humans, Half-Elves, Gnomes, Celestials  

Ancestral Features

  Sayr’Rahans begin with the Elan edge and are immune to the harmful effects of high altitude. They gain a +2 bonus to resist negative effects from cold. They are able to hold their breath for a number of minutes equal to their Vigor die.  

Ancestral Hindrances

  • Arrogant
  • Frail
  • Hesitant
  • Jumpy (HOR p6)
  • Pacifist
  • Selfless (FAN p29)

Ancestral Edges

  • Silent Caster (FANTASY p37)
  • Acrobat (CORE p48)
  • Mount (FANTASY p38)
  • Calculating (CORE p41)
  • Feint (CORE p42)
  • Retort (Core p51)
  • Alertness (Core p37)
  • Martial Artist (CORE p43)
  • Quick (CORE p40)
  • Extraction (CORE p41)

Cover image: by Edward Ladell (PD)