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Forsaking the safety and routine of life of an anchorspire or even an ayrland, the Mor’Rahans live most of their lives sailing across Gahla’s endless ocean, settling only rarely when volcanic islands emerge from the Saltsea. The constant monsoons that sweep the southern hemisphere, as well as great waves caused from crumbling ayrlands above, ensures that even these are only a temporary respite. Islands are good for a few years of child-rearing and wood-gathering before the tribes must set out once again. Their fleet of ships travels with a veritable menagerie of aquatic companions, most important of which is the gargantuan Reefback Turtle that represents the heart of every fleet.   Reefbacks are a critical species for many reasons, among which are the sprawling and tremendous capes of luminous algae that drag from their coral shells, as they carve their shimmering paths through the waves. The seas near a spire are typically too polluted for the animals, or for fishing or swimming, so Mor'Rahans prefer to give most settlements a wide berth.   Mor'Rahans are experts at taming creatures like dolphins and seals. Children grow up alongside these animals, learning to dive for pearls and mollusks, and competing in tandem games that teach strategy and teamwork. The more martially gifted among them may even be chosen to tame a kiteray. The great mantas can leap high out of the water and take refuge in the low-flying ayrlands that skip across the ocean. Once the rays grow large enough to support a sky-surfing rayder, they make for fearsome warmounts that are the terror of pirates and poachers alike.   The shamans that tend to the Reefback’s health preach that Gahl’s are but the servants to greater beings: The Zodiac Wardens. Each of the major Mor'Rahan tribes dedicates itself to the stewardship and conservation of a single species of divine animal, each following their Warden's expansive and treacherous migratory route. Tribes themselves are fluid though, and individuals are expected to follow more than a single Warden's route within their lifetime. One can tell what tribes a Mor’Rahan has lived with by the commemorative tattoos that are added after every tour of duty. Old custom says to avoid frivolous tattooing, for a person of character should save space for all the honors they expect to earn.   Mor'Rahans have strong, hardy bodies, and can hold their breath for great lengths. Their guardian’s code binds them to fight abyssal krakens head on if they threaten the survival of their Warden, as well as any hunters who would dare the sacrilege. No more fearsome hunters exist on the face of Gahla than these leaping swashbucklers, howling as they swing from the lines of their coil-driven harpoon guns.

Suggested Races

Dwarves, Halflings, Humans, Orcs/Half-Orcs, Elves, Half-Elves  

Ancestral Features

Mor’Rahans begin with the Nerves of Steel edge. They are able to see clearly in salt water and gain a +2 Bonus to resist the negative effects of cold and pressure. They swim at full Pace rather than half, and are able to hold their breath for a number of minutes equal to their Vigor die.  

Ancestral Hindrances

  • All Thumbs
  • Heroic
  • Impulsive
  • One Eye/Arm
  • Overconfident
  • Stubborn

Additional Edges

  • Treasure Hunter (FANTASY p40)
  • Brawny (CORE p38)
  • Champion (CORE p52)
  • Hard to Kill (CORE p42)
  • Command (CORE p45)
  • Courage (HORROR p9)
  • Liquid Courage (CORE p52)
  • First Strike (CORE p42)
  • Brute (CORE p38)
  • Steady Hands (CORE p44)

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