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Midgahl is where the vast majority of ayrland-dwelling Gahlans spend the greater portion of their lives. In any given region, skies are normally clear of fog, moderate in temperature, and just rich enough in oxygen to support human life. That does not necessarily mean getting by here is easy.   Unlike the relatively calm Tradewinds, the clearskies of Midgahl are incessantly windy, and unpredictably erratic. Cyclones, duststorms, ayrthquakes, and ayrsterroids make life a daily struggle, even during peacetime. Scouts and rangers patrol around the ayrlands ready to intercept these threats, while lighthouse and belltower operators stand ready to broadcast instructions to vigilant citizens.   Travel through Midgahl is best done on fast, maneuverable, and sturdy ships which can dodge the passing debris, or take the punishment head-on if need be. Coil-powered ships propelled by armored turbines fare better than those which rely on fragile balloons and volatile flux. Such ships are better off submerging to the strata below the Whitesea, and traveling along the calmer winds of the aethersphere, even if it does put them closer to a leviathan's grasp.   An ayrland's flight tends to level out such that its reefcrust rests comfortably submerged in the Whitesea, where the coral can filter nutrients from the clouds, while the surface of the ayrland bobs just above the white shores. Up here, ayrlands fly comfortably out of reach from all but the largest Deepsea leviathans. Buildings must be constructed sturdily to withstand the onslaught, which means using heavier materials, and putting more of a load on the ayrland's capacity to keep on floating. Thus, in larger settlements, government assessors knock on doors to check that no individual is putting an undue burden on the ayrland, and that they are taxed accordingly.

Cover image: by Frank Johnston (PD)