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Karthinia: The Drakkenwyld

Just south of the Kalyptian jungles, the turbulent landscape of Karthinia is shrouded in mist and mystery. This is a land of foul swamps, sharp and overgrown karsts, and labyrinthine canyons that cradle deep and rambunctious rapids. Karthinia owes its climactic geography to the fact that southern tropics are at the bottom of a downward slope compared to the jungles beneath the Kalyptian Disc. Looking northwards, one can see the rising cliffs of Kalyptia's White Ramparts on the horizon, and above them, the giant trees of the Wyrdwood peeking out from the Mist Frontier.   While none have successfully returned from a voyage beyond the Mist Frontier, it can be surmised that the jungle acts a kind of global dam encircling the equator. From whatever is on the other end of the abyss, land drifts southwards, and gets caught in the roots and trunks of the jungle's wooden giants. As the sun's rays get amplified by the crystalline dust in the disc, the extreme heat generates violent monsoons and concentrated fires. These can quickly rend gashes through the jungle, bursting open the pent-up floodgates, and triggering mudslides, ashen rivers, and cascades of forest detritus.

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Cover image: by Caspar David Friedrich (PD)


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