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The Mist Frontier

Beneath the Veil is a land of mystery and danger. The Mist Frontier is an impenetrable wall of trees, roots, mist, and falling meteors that bisects Gahla's hemispheres. Meteorologists theorize that somewhere beyond the frontier is one or several volcanic earthforges, periodically pumping out the primordial elements required to create ayrlands. Eventually they make their way southwards, as all things do, until they crash against the dense jungle.   The remaining chunks of earth bobbing in the burbling brew of Kalyptia's foggy jungles acquire reefcrusts. Then they rise out of the mists with a supercharged shot of energy, amplified by the sun crystals of the Veil. They then sprout lavish forests, get swept up by the gales, and take flight. With new and strange life forms picked up from the jungle's depths, every ayrland becomes a unique ecosystem, with plenty of surprises in store for pioneers and colonists.

Cover image: by Leerboek Nederlands Indie (PD)